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Diesel Generator Noise Treatment Methods

August 04, 2022
Diesel generator sets have been praised for their lightweight design and stable high quality power output, but even better products are still subject to various failures when used improperly or frequently, so it is important to understand the causes of failures in order to deal with them. In addition, how to eliminate the noise of the generator is also the user has to face the problem.
Diesel generator noise treatment methods
1, into the exhaust air noise reduction: the engine room into the air channel and exhaust channels are made of soundproof walls, into the air channel and exhaust channels set up muffler. There is a distance in the channel for buffering, so as to reduce the intensity of the sound source radiated from the room to the outside.
2, control mechanical noise: the top of the room and the surrounding walls are paved with sound absorption coefficient of high absorption, sound insulation materials, mainly used to eliminate indoor reverberation, reduce the density of sound energy and reflection intensity in the room. To prevent the noise from radiating outward through the door, set up a fire-retardant iron door.
3、Control of smoke exhaust noise: The smoke exhaust system is installed with special secondary silencer on the basis of the original primary silencer, which can ensure the effective control of smoke exhaust noise of the unit. Smoke exhaust pipe length of more than 10 meters to increase the diameter of the pipe, in order to reduce the exhaust back pressure of the generator set. The above treatment can improve the noise and back pressure of the generator set, through the noise reduction treatment, the noise of the generator set in the engine room can reach the user's requirements outdoors.