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Reasons for High Water Temperature of Diesel Generator Sets

August 04, 2022
On the "diesel generator set water temperature is too high for the reasons" to share, to understand.
1, the pump lost the pump water role: in cold weather, the pump does not have a small amount of cooling water stored in the body of the pump released, overnight that may make the pump body between the impeller and the inner wall of the water icing expansion, resulting in the impeller can not rotate. After the diesel engine starts running, there is no cooling water circulation in the cooling water channel, so that the body temperature rises quickly and the water tank "boils". In addition, the fixed impeller pin broken or loose, the pump shaft rotation and impeller does not move, the pump will stop pumping water, cooling water is not circulating, resulting in high water temperature.
2, insufficient water in the cooling system: diesel engine before starting the water tank is not filled with cooling water, or cooling system leakage, water pump water supply is insufficient, or waterways, heat pipes are clogged with scale and dirt, etc., will cause insufficient cooling water.
3, fan belt slippage, broken off, or the fan blade is touched twisted: in this case, the fan belt is too loose easy to slip, so that the pump speed is reduced, causing the cooling system water temperature is too high.
4, the cylinder and the piston with too small clearance: the cylinder liner and the piston with too small clearance, piston ring notch clearance is too small and the piston rod group is not installed correctly, poor lubrication of the cylinder liner, will cause the piston group and the cylinder liner friction intensifies, so that the working temperature rises, resulting in high cooling water temperature.
5, thermostat failure: such as thermostat rupture failure, when the water temperature is higher than 70 ℃, the valve can not open or open the height is not enough, resulting in cooling water can not be through the radiator for large circulation and lead to high water temperature.
6, the oil supply time is too late: the oil supply is too late, diesel fuel combustion is not complete, resulting in diesel engine overheating, the bottom of the cylinder head temperature increases, resulting in high water temperature.
Fault check judgment:
A, check the water pump: hand grip the cylinder head connected to the radiator hose, from idle speed to high speed, such as feeling the water flow increased, that the pump is normal, otherwise, the pump pump water pressure is insufficient, should be disassembled. If the pin is broken or loose, the pump shaft rotation and the impeller does not move, the pump will stop pumping water, the pump impeller pin should be replaced; if the pump impeller installed in reverse, the pump can not pump water.
B. Check the cooling water: check whether the cooling water is sufficient before starting the diesel engine, check whether the water pipe and heat pipe are blocked.
C, check the fan belt: if the belt is too loose should be adjusted; if the belt is too worn or broken, should be replaced in a timely manner; if there are two belts, only one of which is damaged, must be replaced with two new belts, not an old new with the use, otherwise, it will make the new belt life is greatly shortened.
D, check the cylinder liner and piston clearance: check whether the piston ring notch clearance is too small, the cylinder liner lubricant is sufficient, if it does not meet the requirements, the need to replace the parts.
E, check the thermostat: equipped with a thermostat engine, if the water tank on the water chamber inlet pipe has a large stream of water, the thermostat valve is not closed or damaged; if the water temperature is much more than 70 ℃, the water chamber inlet pipe no water outflow or no large stream of water, the thermostat is damaged or weakened role.
F, check whether the oil supply advance angle is normal: Note: when the injection advance angle is not normal, the diesel exhaust smoke color will also be abnormal.