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Introduction to the Maintenance Methods of Generators

August 05, 2022
Generator maintenance methods
1、Check the pressure of the supplied gas
Open the gas supply valve and check whether the pressure gauge on the pressure stabilizer is normal, otherwise it should be adjusted to normal value.
2、Check the oil level in the oil sump
The oil level should reach the mark of the engraved line on the oil scale, and if it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified amount.
3、Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas)
Eliminate oil and water leaks on the sealing surface of the oil and water pipe joints; eliminate gas leaks at the gas pipe joints, intake and exhaust pipes and cylinder head gaskets.
4、Check the installation of the engine accessories
Including the degree of stability of the installation of the accessories, foot screws and the work of the mechanical connection of the reliability.
5、Check the instrumentation
Observe whether the readings are normal, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced in time.
6、Clean the appearance of the engine and ancillary equipment
Wipe off the oil, water and dust on the surface of the engine body, cylinder cover, air filter, etc. with a dry cloth; wipe clean or use compressed air to blow clean the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan, etc.