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What Are the Starting Methods of Generators

August 05, 2022
There are three ways to start a diesel engine.
1. hand crank starting.
2. electric starting.
3. compressed air starting.
In high-rise buildings, it is appropriate to use electric starting method, avoid using compressed air starting method. A class of high-rise buildings must choose the diesel generator set with self-starting device, once the city network power supply is interrupted, must be powered within 15 seconds (30 seconds required by high regulations). When there are conditions in the second class high-rise building, it is also appropriate to use the unit with self-starting device, and manual starting device can be used when there are difficulties.
Matching with three-phase motors need to pay attention to the problem. Generator rental diesel generator sets and three-phase motor capacity matching, it is recommended to consider a safety factor of 1.5, that is, 1.5 times the motor capacity (must be soft start mode).
Pay attention to the relationship between rated power and backup power, KVA and KW. KVA is the apparent power, KW is the effective power, and the relationship between them is IKVA = 0.8 KW. imported units generally use KVA to express the power unit, while domestic power equipment is generally expressed in KW.
Recognize the brand of the unit. Generally imported generator sets are assembled machines, domestic units are also integrated (that is, the generator and engine is the same brand), the performance of some imported units are indistinguishable from each other, and the price is cheap, so in the purchase should be a comprehensive understanding of the brand of the components of the unit (some manufacturers only report the diesel engine or generator brand, not the origin, not the unit brand, etc.), in order to comprehensively assess the grade of the unit.