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Main Features and Functions of Generators

August 05, 2022
Generator is an important power generation device in our daily life, renting generator can greatly save the budget of the project, many factories will rent generator activities during the busy time.
Generator main features and functions
1,  Can measure the generator steady-state three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, running time and other basic functions.
2,  With harmonic analysis function, can simultaneously analyze the voltage, current 2 ~ 40th harmonic content and total harmonic content; electrical energy accumulation function.
3,  Generator calibration test, fluctuation test, transient test (load sudden addition, load sudden removal) function, can automatically test the voltage, small value, current, small value, frequency, small value, and recovery time when the load changes suddenly.
4,  With a strong voltage recording function, and then equipped with opto-isolated RS485/RS232 serial communication function, serial port powerful.
5,  It can not only measure all the steady-state parameters, but also the sudden addition, sudden removal, voltage, current, frequency curve, and voltage, current harmonic curve and harmonic content.
6,  With the use of the upper computer, can automatically complete the measurement of all electrical parameters of the generator. Automatic generation of various charts, curves and test reports. Standardized operation, strong authority. Rich data content, strong applicability of the report, and can be signed according to user needs, change the format, etc.
7,  There are 4 groups of load control function, each group can control 25% of the load, can be combined into 25%, 50%, 75%, four kinds of load form or set according to the needs of their own.
8,  Load control function, can complete the load sudden addition, sudden unloading function.