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Daily Maintenance of Diesel Generators in Winter

August 05, 2022
The diesel engine in winter operation, if parked in the open air, should always pay attention to changes in the weather, when the local temperature is lower than 4 degrees, should be released from the diesel engine cooling water in the cooling water tank, because 4 degrees when the volume of water changes relatively large, when the water changes from liquid to solid, the volume increases expansion will damage the cooling water tank radiator.
Winter because of the poor working environment of the diesel engine, so this time it is necessary to change the air filter element diligently, due to the cold weather on the air filter element and diesel filter element requirements are particularly high, if not replaced in a timely manner will increase the wear and tear of the engine, affecting the life of diesel engines.
Winter diesel engine in the choice of oil, should try to choose a thin viscosity of the engine oil.
Diesel engine load winter start, the cylinder inlet air temperature is low, the piston compression gas is difficult to reach the natural temperature of diesel. So start the diesel engine before the corresponding auxiliary methods should be used to improve the temperature of the diesel engine body.
The diesel engine should be started after low-speed operation for 3-5 minutes, in order to improve the overall temperature of the diesel engine, check the lubrication oil work, check the normal before putting into normal operation. Diesel engine running to minimize the sudden acceleration of speed or the throttle to the maximum operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of valve components over time.