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Generator Set Automation Control Panel Troubleshooting Methods

August 05, 2022
When the generator set automatic control panel in an emergency will also issue an alarm, and automatically enter the emergency state to slow down the running speed, and then automatically shut down, if there are some failures in the operation.
Diesel generator set automation control panel common troubleshooting methods
1, The unit alarm shutdown
Elimination method: the control panel detects the unit failure and shutdown, troubleshooting, power off (reset) and restart.
2, Utility failure, emergency rental did not start
Exclusion method.
  (1) ATS control system failed to provide the "power on" signal, check and troubleshoot.
  (2) self-starting oil machine instrumentation, must be powered on and work in the "automatic state.
  (3) Control contact line connection is wrong, check and correct the connection.
  (4) Failure of self-starting oil engine meter, repair or replace.
3Utility is normal, but the unit cannot stop
Exclusion method.
  (1) The unit is in cooling operation (3-5 minutes).
  (2) ArS provides start-up" signal is not closed, check ATS fault.
  (3) The oil machine instrument sets the unit oil circuit solenoid valve wrongly.
4Remote monitoring cannot be realized
Exclusion method.
  (1) Confirm whether the unit is configured according to the "three remote" control.
  (2) Confirm whether the communication line connection is correct.
  (3) Confirm whether the communication software of the unit is correctly installed on the control network computer.
  (4) Whether the communication is set according to the correct monitoring password.
  (5) Failure of "three remote" oil machine instrument, repair or replace.