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Battery Maintenance Method of Diesel Generator

August 05, 2022
Long-term storage of diesel generator battery before use must be given a proper charge to ensure the normal capacity of diesel generator battery.
Regularly check whether the battery is charged properly (normal voltage greater than 13V), if the charging voltage is found to be too low, you need to ask professionals to overhaul the charging system.
Avoid diesel generator battery in low temperature start the unit, low temperature environment diesel generator battery capacity will not be normal output, and prolonged discharge may cause diesel generator battery failure.
Backup diesel generator set battery should be regularly maintained and charged, can be equipped with a floating charger.
Frequent scrubbing diesel generator battery, use a damp cloth to scrub the external diesel generator battery, the panel, pile head (that is, positive and negative two pole head) of dust, oil, white powder and other dirt prone to leakage wipe clean, so that the pile head will not accumulate white acid corrosion powder, the battery life will be longer.
Normal operation and charging will lead to some water evaporated in the diesel generator battery, so it is necessary to frequently replenish the diesel generator battery. Before replenishing the liquid should clean the dirt around the filler mouth to prevent it from falling into the diesel generator battery grid, then open the filler mouth, add the right amount of distilled water or pure water to the diesel generator battery pole plate scale as the standard.