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What Should Be Done for the Basic Generator Routine

August 05, 2022
In engineering operations, construction units can not be separated from the use of generators for construction equipment for power supply services. In the generator use time to reach a certain working time (Note: different brands of units, maintenance time is not the same, the same brand of different models and sizes of units, maintenance time is also different, the company will explain in a separate section.) For the sake of the generator's service life, but also to ensure that the unit in the future operation process is still low failure rate operation, it is time to arrange maintenance work.
Daily maintenance materials required are: a number of liters of oil, water, rust prevention water, oil grid, diesel grid, style a number of. (The specific number is based on the specific unit model.)
The use of generators for our life production to bring very great convenience, at the same time, about the maintenance of generators we can be divided into several different levels. So, the basic routine maintenance of generators we should carry out? The basic maintenance of generators is divided into four items, respectively, the following four items.
The regular time: before clock in and after clock out.
The operating time: within 15 minutes each.
Before clock in
  1, check the compressor lubricating oil level, the oil level is insufficient to refuel in time.
  2、Check whether the meter readings are within the specified range.
  3、Check whether the oil filter and air filter indicator is normal.
  4、Check the pressure difference before and after the oil separation core.
  5、Check the working condition of each operation switch.
  6、Check whether there is any abnormal sound and leakage of the unit.
After clock out
  1、Turn the no-load-normal selector switch 1RS to the no-load position first, and let the unit run for 2 minutes at no-load to stabilize and then stop.
  2、Check whether there is any condensate in the drain valve at the bottom of oil separator, if there is, close the valve tightly after discharge.
  3、Check and make sure there is no leakage in all pipes.
  4、Wipe all parts of the unit and cut off the main switch power.