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Abnormal oil consumption? Teach you to find out the cause!

June 24, 2022
We all know that the diesel generator set in operation, must give good lubrication to the friction parts of the engine to ensure that the moving parts generate a protective film, reduce friction damage, in order to ensure stable performance of the unit, in the process, the oil will produce a certain amount of normal loss, but many users always feel that their units have an abnormal oil consumption is too large, so this top Bo power to Then this article will introduce you how to judge whether the oil consumption is in the normal range.
First, if you find that the oil consumption and the usual large discrepancies, it is likely to be caused by diesel generator set oil leakage. Most users due to the maintenance of the unit is not timely, resulting in leakage of oil, it is easy to mistake it for excessive consumption. Examine the leaking parts include the following places: oil tank sump, oil discharge bolts, booster, filter seat and other related locations, where the diesel generator set seals need to focus on checking.
Second, to choose the right oil, different oil type oil change cycle is different, and different oil has different viscosity, the choice of oil should be based on viscosity distinction. Reach the replacement cycle, it is important to replace the unit in a timely manner, delayed replacement will make the oxidation of deteriorating oil and deposited impurities to accelerate the erosion, wear and tear engine, shortening the service life of the engine.
Third, if you check the diesel generator set found too much gas out of the crankcase may be a problem with the internal parts of the engine, which will also make the gas or air leakage into the crankcase, failure. It is very important to pay close attention to the value of oil consumption when troubleshooting abnormal oil consumption on a regular basis.
Oil can play a lubricating, cleaning, cooling, sealing, anti-corrosion, anti-rust role for diesel generator set parts, it can effectively improve the efficiency of the machine parts, extend the service life of the unit, to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set, so when the oil consumption is found to be abnormal, the user should promptly investigate the causes and make the correct adjustment.