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About the application of diesel generator set coolant level sensor introduction

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set sensor is an electronic detection device that can feel and transform the felt measurement information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain laws to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control, etc. It is an important link to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of diesel generator sets.
At present, diesel generator sets have various types of sensors such as oil pressure sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor, etc. Different sensors measure different contents, while the liquid level sensor can observe the oil level in the oil pan, the coolant level in the radiator, the fuel level in the fuel tank and the electrolyte level in the battery.
Coolant level sensor is a switch for measuring the level of engine coolant in the radiator top tank of diesel generator set. The engine coolant level sensor is generally located in the radiator top tank or in the supplemental tank, when the coolant level sensor enters the coolant, it returns a different voltage signal after removing the coolant and dipping into the coolant to compare. The electronic control module detects the change in signal voltage to determine the engine coolant level.
The cooling water tank of the diesel generator set is an important part of the water-cooled engine cooling system, which can absorb the heat of the cylinder and prevent the engine from overheating. The heat of the engine passes through the liquid circuit of cooling water, using water as the heat carrier to conduct heat, and then dissipates heat by convection through the large area of the heat sink to maintain the proper working temperature of the diesel generator set engine. Therefore, regularly check the coolant stock in the radiator and expansion tank of the diesel generator set, and the liquid level should be replenished in time when it is low. Because if there is a lack of coolant in the diesel engine cooling system, it will affect the diesel engine cooling effect and cause high temperature of diesel generator. In order to better monitor the height of coolant level in the water tank, Topbo Power recommends users to use coolant level sensor.
The use of diesel generator coolant solves the problem of poor cooling and high temperature of diesel generator parts, so users must pay attention to observe whether the coolant becomes less in the daily, so as to add in time, and at the same time to ensure the performance of diesel generator sets, users should regularly replace the coolant, the specific replacement cycle is as follows.
Coolant (glycol mixture) and coolant filter every 4 years or at least every 10,000 hours
Coolant (glycol mixture) without cooling filter Every other year or at least every 5000 hours