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About the causes and preventive measures of diesel generator set pulling cylinder introduction

June 25, 2022
The so-called cylinder pulling refers to the inner wall of the diesel generator set cylinder liner, along the direction of piston movement, there are some deep and shallow grooves, diesel generator set pulling cylinder failure, the cylinder liner wear is very violent, up to dozens or even hundreds of times the normal wear, affecting the sealing of the cylinder, the performance of the unit will have a very bad impact, serious or even lead to the scrapping of the machine.
Diesel generator set cylinder pulling causes
1, diesel generator set break-in is not in strict accordance with its break-in process.
2, the piston and the cylinder liner fit clearance is too small.
3, the piston ring opening gap is too small, so as to scrape the cylinder wall.
4, diesel generator set in too low temperature start, lubricant viscosity, poor fluidity, so that the lubricant film can not be formed, resulting in dry friction or semi-dry friction. According to authoritative tests, diesel generator sets in the cooling water temperature of 30 ℃ below the load operation, cylinder liner and other parts of the wear and tear is 5 to 7 times the normal water temperature.
5, air, fuel, oil is not well filtered, the solid particles brought into the cylinder.
6, the engine is overheated. When the cooling system is not well maintained, or overload operation, the high engine temperature not only makes the diesel generator set parts of the mechanical strength is reduced, and make the cylinder wall of the lubricant film can not be formed. Piston and other parts heat expansion, easily stuck in the cylinder liner, the consequences are often part of the piston melted, the cylinder liner wall is pulled bad, forcing the engine to stall.
Measures to prevent diesel generator set pulling cylinder
1, correct assembly. Such as: the piston and the cylinder liner fit clearance and piston ring opening clearance, etc., various diesel generator sets have clear provisions, in the assembly should pay special attention.
2, strictly in accordance with the operating procedures for the use of diesel generator sets, do not overload the role, do not bombard the throttle, do not lack of water to start.
3, to maintain the normal temperature of cooling water 70 ℃ ~ 95 ℃, to avoid engine overheating. Winter before starting should take preheating measures.
4, strengthen the maintenance of the air filter, prevent dust and other solid particles into the cylinder.
5, maintain good lubrication system, to prevent mechanical impurities and carbon mixed into the oil and intensify the wear of the cylinder liner.
6, the new machine and the engine after overhaul, must first go through the break-in, that is, under the conditions of maintaining good lubrication, in accordance with the principle of speed from low to high, the load from small to large, carefully according to the break-in procedures, and then can be put into formal operation of the load.
Once the diesel generator set pulls the cylinder phenomenon, the impact on the unit is very huge, but the user as long as the correct assembly of diesel generator set in accordance with the provisions, in strict accordance with the operating procedures to use diesel generator set, you can effectively avoid the phenomenon of cylinder pulling.