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Analysis of the Fault Causes of Diesel Generator Sets Not Reaching the Rated Speed ​​During Operation

May 17, 2022
I believe that users have more or less understood the importance of stable speed for diesel generator sets, but sometimes the diesel generator set may not reach the rated speed. In response to this situation, JUNVOCH has sorted out the following diesel generators for you The user can use the elimination method to eliminate and solve the failure cause analysis of the failure that the unit cannot reach the rated speed during operation.
1. If the electronic speed control system of the diesel generator set fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
2. The diesel generator set is in an overload operation state, at this time, the load should be reduced, and the rated load of the generator set should not be used.
3. There is an error in the setting of the speed potentiometer of the electronic speed control board of the unit. You can refer to the manual of the electronic speed control unit to give the correct setting or replacement.
4. If the throttle control of the mechanical speed regulating mechanism is improperly adjusted or loose, it should be checked and adjusted in time.
5. The fuel pipe of the diesel generator set is blocked or too thin, causing the fuel to not flow smoothly. Repair it in time. If it is too thin, it needs to be replaced.
6. Check whether the diesel oil has entered water, and the diesel oil needs to be replaced in time. JUNVOCH suggests that an oil-water separator can be installed.
7. The third filter element has not been replaced for a long time. The third filter element needs to be replaced after the unit runs for a certain period of time. JUNVOCH recommends that users must develop a good habit of regularly replacing the third filter element.
The failure of the diesel generator set to reach the rated speed during operation will not only affect the actual power supply effect, but also reduce the life of the generator parts, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the diesel generator set. If the user encounters the situation that the speed cannot reach the rated speed, You can refer to the above methods for maintenance. If you cannot solve the fault yourself, JUNVOCH recommends that you contact the diesel generator set manufacturer to arrange after-sales service in time.