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Analysis of the causes of oil coming out of the exhaust gas pipe of the booster diesel generator set

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator set in the process of use, sometimes users will find that the exhaust gas pipe oil phenomenon, for supercharged diesel generators, due to low load, no load, low boost pressure, easy to lead to in the supercharger oil seal sealing effect decreases, the oil fled into the boost chamber, with the intake air into the cylinder. Up to the cylinder part of the oil involved in combustion, part of the oil can not be completely burned, in the valve, intake, piston top, piston ring and other places to form carbon, there is a part of the exhaust gas with the exhaust gas, so that the cylinder liner waste gas pipe will gradually accumulate oil, will also form carbon. Supercharger oil accumulation in the booster chamber to a certain extent, it will leak out from the supercharger at the combination surface. In addition, the following reasons may also lead to diesel generator set exhaust gas pipe out of oil.
1, PVC check valve blockage, due to the blockage of the check valve leads to the exhaust gas pipe out of the oil.
2, the exhaust gas ejected from the gas cap is too large, it is also possible that the piston ring leakage, resulting in the exhaust gas pipe spray oil.
3, oil overfill, resulting in excessive oil can only be discharged from the exhaust pipe.
4, piston ring and cylinder liner and piston wear serious, resulting in poor sealing.
In addition, if the diesel generator set long-term small load operation, will more seriously lead to increased wear of moving parts, so that the engine combustion environment deterioration, resulting in the exhaust pipe out of the oil phenomenon. When the diesel generator set exhaust gas pipe out of oil, often accompanied by abnormal exhaust smoke, black smoke failure, at this time, the user should promptly find the cause of the failure, as soon as possible to restore the normal working condition of the unit, otherwise it will likely lead to the consequences of diesel generator set overhaul period in advance.