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Brief description of diesel generator set injection pump and governor disassembly and inspection

June 28, 2022
The function of injection pump is to increase the pressure of diesel generator set and deliver fuel to the combustion chamber at regular and quantitative intervals according to the requirements of the working process of diesel generator set, while the governor is a device that automatically adjusts the fuel supply of injection pump. It can automatically adjust the fuel supply of the injection pump according to the change of the external load of the diesel generator set, so that the diesel generator set can run at a more stable speed, thus ensuring that the diesel generator set will neither produce overspeed nor cause shutdown at idle. They are important components of the fuel system, this article briefly introduces you to the diesel generator set injection pump and governor disassembly and inspection.
Injector pump and governor disassembly and installation in addition to ordinary tools also need special tools, in the process of disassembly and installation to keep the workplace, workbench, tools and parts of neat and tidy.
Disassembly of injection pump parts
First of all, remove the seal of the fastening plate, remove the tight seat of the oil valve and the oil valve spring in order, disassemble the oil valve coupling, due to the deformation of the oil valve nylon ring after use stuck in the pump body, you must use special tools to remove. Then pry up the plunger spring with a screwdriver to take out the spring seat, loosen the positioning screw of the plunger sleeve, and pull out the plunger coupling from above together with the plunger sleeve by jacking up the plunger with a thin iron rod.
If you only need to disassemble the camshaft of the injection pump, you can first insert a slotted plate between the timing adjusting screw and the nut, set up the roller body parts so that they are out of contact with the camshaft, and pull out the camshaft from the front end.
Disassembly of governor parts
Loosen the handle, take out the speed control spring, loosen the nut on the lever pin and the fixing screw of the rear shell, so that the speed control lever parts and the lever screw parts can be separated, and the whole rear shell of the governor together with the lever can be dismantled.