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Brief description of diesel generator set injection pump and governor disassembly and inspection

June 28, 2022
Injection pump, governor assembly before each part to clean, and check the plunger coupling, the oil valve coupling model whether the model corresponds to the injection pump, assembly process precautions are as follows.
(1) assembly of the plunger coupling, the plunger should be pulled out and inserted carefully, accurately, do not touch the hair, the plunger flange bump on the word "XY" should be installed facing outward, after the installation of the plunger, the positioning screw aligned with the plunger sleeve positioning groove tightened, at this time pull the plunger sleeve should be able to move up and down, but not left and right rotation.
(2) installation of the oil valve tight seat, the tightening torque of 39-68N-m, too large to make the plunger sleeve deformation, the sliding of the plunger coupling is affected, so tighten the plunger should be pulled up and down sliding and left and right rotation test, if the blocking phenomenon can be loosened back to the oil valve seat several times, and then tighten to slide freely.
(3) plunger coupling, oil valve coupling and oil valve tight seat, etc., should be installed, the oil pump body upper sealing test, the test method is to block the oil outlet, with a tool plate to hold the plunger so as not to slide down, the inlet port into the pressure of 3.9MPa (40kgf/cm2) or more diesel fuel, hold 1min, the pressure gauge pointer shall not have a significant drop, at this time the joint threads, plunger sleeve At this time, no diesel oil shall leak from the threads of the joints, the scapular surface and the surface of the pump body.
(4) After installing the camshaft of the Ba pump, check the axial clearance of the camshaft, the value of which is 0.03~0.15mm. If it cannot be adjusted by shims, but the thickness of the shims added at both ends must be equal to ensure that the camshaft is placed in the middle position.
(5) When assembling the two fly irons of the governor, pay attention to the pin rings at both ends of the fly iron pins and clamp them tightly with carp pliers to avoid the danger of the fly iron pins falling off and flying out, and when rotating after installation, the fly iron should be able to swing around the fly iron pins by its own centrifugal force, without any jamming or blocking.
(6) injection pump and governor assembly installed, push the speed control handle tension spring, the adjustment gear rod in the maximum oil supply position, so that the distance between the tie rod screw and tie rod support block 0.5 ~ 1mm, the purpose is to check the adjustment gear Xuan, so that its maximum oil supply position to ensure that the oil volume limit screw touch, but also in order to spin out the oil volume limit screw when necessary to properly increase the oil supply, but this distance Not too large, otherwise the speed of the governor will increase the speed of action.