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Briefly describe the type, structure and working principle of diesel generator oil cooler

June 16, 2022
Diesel generator set oil cooler is also known as oil radiator, generally larger power diesel generator sets are equipped with oil cooler to maintain the oil temperature at about 80 ℃, this is because when the unit is working, part of the heat of the machine parts will be absorbed by the oil, if there is no oil cooler, the oil temperature will rise, resulting in viscosity reduction, when the oil temperature is high to a certain extent, the oil will decompose and deteriorate, resulting in poor lubrication. When the oil temperature is high, the oil will decompose and deteriorate, resulting in poor lubrication, the importance of the diesel generator oil cooler at this point will be reflected, the following generator manufacturers top Bo power to introduce you to the type of diesel generator oil cooler and structural characteristics.
Water-cooled oil radiator
Water-cooled oil radiator is composed of shell, front cover, back cover and cooler core. The cooler core has many copper tubes and heat sinks to increase the heat dissipation area. There are five different specifications of water-cooled oil cooler, users should use different specifications and water-cooled cooler according to the model and power when purchasing.
The oil enters from the oil inlet on the shell, flows outside the copper pipe and flows out from the oil outlet, while the cooling water flows in from the back cover and flows out from the front cover through the copper pipe. There is a water release switch in the lower part of the back cover, which is exclusively for releasing the cooling water in the cooler.
The working principle of water-cooled oil radiator is: when the diesel generator set starts, the temperature of the cooling water rises faster, while the temperature of the oil is lower at this time, therefore, under the heating of the oil cooling water, the oil temperature rises rapidly and the viscosity drops to meet the working needs. After the diesel generator sets turn into normal work, when the oil temperature is higher than the cooling water temperature, the oil radiator will resume its role, using water to cool the oil, so that the oil temperature remains within the normal range
Air-cooled oil radiator
The air-cooled oil radiator is only used for diesel engines with fan cooling, which is installed in front or behind the radiator of the cooling system, and it uses the air vibrated by the fan to cool. Its construction is shown in the figure below. It consists of flat copper pipe, heat sink, frame, oil inlet pipe and oil outlet pipe. When the diesel generator set is working, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil radiator through the oil filter and is cooled by the air, and then flows into the main oil channel through the oil discharge pipe to lubricate the moving parts.
After knowing the structure and working principle of diesel generator set, users should also pay attention to one more issue, that is, the oil cooler should be cleaned regularly, when reinstalled, the oil seal ring should be kept flat and correctly positioned, the aging or sticky oil seal ring should be replaced with a new one, otherwise it will cause oil-water mixture, resulting in unit failure. When maintenance, also check whether the cooler core off welding, rotten through, if necessary, can be welded or individual tube ends of the orifice smothered and then continue to use, if the cooling copper tube damage more, the entire core should be replaced.
In addition, the generator manufacturers warm tips: in cold areas or winter use of diesel generator sets, should pay attention to parking in a timely manner to drain the cooling water or the use of antifreeze coolant to prevent the cooler freeze crack.