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Briefly describe the working process of the diesel generator set lubrication system

May 20, 2022
At present, most of the lubrication systems of diesel generator sets use the wet oil bottom combined lubrication method. The lubrication system is a very important system for diesel generator sets. Understanding the working process of the lubrication system will help users to understand diesel power generation more clearly. The working principle of the unit.
Diesel generator set lubrication system
       The lubrication system is a very important system for diesel generator sets, mainly including: oil pan, oil, rental filter, fine filter, cooler, main oil passage, oil garden, safety and pressure regulating valve, etc. At present, most diesel oil The generator set adopts the wet oil bottom combined lubrication method.
       Workflow of the lubrication system:
       The generator set oil is added to the diesel oil sump from the filler port on the side of the body (or on the cylinder cover). The oil is sucked into the oil pump through the oil filter, and the oil outlet of the pump is connected with the oil inlet pipeline of the generator set body. The oil first goes to the base of the coarse filter through the oil inlet pipeline, which is divided into two paths. A part of the oil goes to the fine filter, which is filtered again to improve its cleanliness, and then flows back to the oil pan, while most of the oil is cooled by the oil cooler and then enters the The main oil passage is then divided into the following passages:
       1. Inject oil into the inner cavity of the piston top of each cylinder through the oil injection valve, cool the piston and lubricate the piston pin, the piston pin seat hole and the small end sleeve of the connecting rod, and at the same time lubricate the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner.
       2. The engine oil enters the main bearing, connecting rod bearing and camshaft bearing, lubricates each journal and returns to the oil pan.
       3. From the main oil passage through the vertical oil passage of the body to the cylinder head, the generator set lubricates the valve rocker arm mechanism and flows back to the engine oil bottom through the push rod hole on the cylinder head.
       4. It is sprayed to the gear system through the fuel injection valve of the gear chamber, and then flows back to the oil pan.
       A pressure limiting valve is installed on the oil pump of the generator set to control the outlet pressure of the oil pump. The generator bracket at the front end of the generator set is equipped with a safety valve, so that the main oil passage can be supplied with oil in time when the generator set is started, and the main oil passage can be ensured when the cooler is blocked. A pressure regulating valve is installed on the main oil passage on the right side of the body to control the oil pressure of the main oil passage, so that the generator set can work normally. The oil cooler is also equipped with oil pressure and oil temperature sensors. In the whole generator set lubrication system, the oil pan is used as a container for oil storage and collection, and two oil pumps are used to realize the oil circulation.
       The above is the working process of the wet oil sump lubrication system used by most diesel generator sets. In addition, there is a dry oil sump lubrication system. The dry oil sump can reduce the stirring and splashing of the oil, and the oil is not easy to deteriorate. And can reduce the height of the diesel engine, suitable for occasions where the vertical and horizontal inclination requirements are large and the height of the generator set is particularly low, such as tanks, aircraft and some construction machinery generator sets.