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Causes and preventive methods of cylinder explosion in diesel generator sets

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator sets sometimes have the phenomenon of cylinder explosion. According to the experience of the diesel generator set manufacturer - JUNVOCH for many years, there are many reasons for the cylinder explosion of the generator set. The following editor will introduce the cylinder explosion of the diesel generator set. causes and preventive measures.
1. Use the decompressor to stop, so that the high temperature cylinder head suddenly encounters the cold air and causes cracking.
2. After shutdown, no cooling water is put in. The water in the machine freezes into ice, the volume increases, and the cylinder block and cylinder head burst.
3. The generator set works for a long time, and the temperature of the unit is high. Drain the high temperature water immediately after stopping. It will cause high temperature parts to crack when exposed to cold air.
4. When the generator set is working, the cooling water is not enough or the temperature of the water tank boiler is too high, and cooling water is suddenly added. Undercooling and shortening of the cylinder block and cylinder head can also cause cracking.
5. Only add cooling water after starting. After the diesel engine is started, the temperature of the diesel generator increases immediately. If cooling water is added at this time, the cylinder block and the cylinder head are rapidly cooled, and cracks will appear due to cold shrinkage.
Methods of diesel generators to avoid cracking of various cylinder blocks and cylinder heads:
1. When the generator is overheated and seriously lacks water, the diesel engine should be idled at low speed for 10 to 15 minutes, and then the cooling water should be gradually added;
2. Before starting the diesel engine, warm water should be added to the water tank. In winter, hot water should be poured 2~3 times. It is better to start when the water flowing out of the drain valve is about 30~50℃.
3. When the diesel engine operates for a long time, it should wait for about half an hour after shutdown, and then put the cooling water when the temperature of the body drops to 40~50℃. After the water is drained, it is best to use a thin wire to poke the drain valve switch to prevent sediment from blocking the drain valve.
To sum up, when using a diesel generator set, whether it is running or just stopped, do not let it cool down suddenly, otherwise it will cause the cylinder to explode.