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Correct treatment of three leaks of diesel generator sets

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator sets will inevitably have some failures during use, among which "three leakages": water leakage, oil leakage, and diesel leakage are one of them. The causes and hazards of the "three leakages" phenomenon of diesel generator sets can be Check out our previous article. This article, JUNVOCH, focuses on introducing you the correct way to deal with the "three leaks" of diesel generator sets.
1) Padding method to cure leakage
If oil leaks at the leak-proof gasket of the diesel oil pipe joint, you can add a thin plastic pad with smooth double sides on both sides of the leak-proof gasket, and tighten it hard to prevent leakage.
2) Leakage control method of lacquer liquid
Diesel oil tank, water tank, crankcase and other joints are leaking. After soaking the paint chips in alcohol, apply the paint chips to the cleaned seams to cure the leakage. However, the cost of lacquer chips is high, and they are generally used in emergencies.
3) Oil leakage control method
When the paper pads in the oil pan, cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankcase rear cover, etc. of the diesel engine leak, as long as the paper pads are in good condition and the joint surfaces are clean, you can apply a layer of butter on both sides of the paper pads, and then tighten the bolts. Leak proof. If a new paper pad is used, soak the new paper pad in diesel oil for 10 minutes before installation, then take it out and wipe it clean, apply a layer of butter on the joint surface and then install it.
4) Liquid sealant leak control method
When there are solid gasket defects (such as pits, grooves, cracks) on the diesel engine generator set to form interfacial leakage and destructive leakage, apply liquid sealant to the cleaned solid gasket joint surface, and it can form after curing. Peelable film gasket with uniform, stable, continuous adhesion to prevent all leakage.
5) Anaerobic glue leak control method
When there is leakage in the ventilation bolts, screws, stud bolts, screw plugs, etc. on the diesel engine, apply anaerobic glue to the cleaned bolts, threads or screw holes, which can quickly solidify to form a film, fill the gaps in the parts, and remove the leakage. It can withstand large pressure, and also has strong shock-proof and anti-loosening fastening functions. If it is used in the thread of the diesel engine high pressure oil pipe joint, the leakage control effect is better.
6) Dimension recovery glue and leak control method
When the shafts and bushings, bearings and bearing seats, valves and valve seats, self-tightening oil seals, felt cups and packings of diesel engines are leaking, the size recovery glue can be applied to the cleaned and worn parts of the fittings, etc. After curing, a thin film layer with wear resistance, heat resistance and high mechanical strength is formed, and then mechanical processing such as turning, boring, scraping, and filing is performed to restore the geometric shape and matching accuracy of the parts, thereby solving the leakage problem.
7) Glue repair method to cure leakage
When the body parts on the diesel engine, such as the blisters and pores in the fuel tank, water tank, oil pipe, water pipe, etc., cause leakage, apply adhesive to the cleaned damaged part, and the effect of leakage control can be obtained.