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Detailed introduction to the purchase points of diesel generators Sets

April 11, 2022
1. Basis for purchasing diesel generator sets
1. The performance and quality of the selected diesel generator set must meet the requirements of relevant standards
Diesel generators are widely used in telecommunications, financial departments, hospitals, schools, commercial and other departments, industrial and mining enterprises and residential emergency backup power supply, military and field operations, vehicles and ships and other special-purpose independent power supply.
As a diesel generator set for military communication, it must meet the relevant standards and the "Quality Inspection Standards for Communication Power Equipment" formulated by the relevant departments of the army, and must pass the strict inspection of the quality of the equipment by the relevant organizational departments.
2. The main factors that should be considered in the selection of diesel generator sets
The factors that should be considered in the selection of the unit mainly include mechanical and electrical performance, the purpose of the unit, the capacity and variation range of the load, and the automation function.
(1) The purpose of the unit. Because diesel generator sets can be used in three situations: common use, standby and emergency. Therefore, the requirements for diesel generator sets are different for different purposes.
(2) Load capacity. The load capacity and load variation range should be selected according to different purposes, and the single unit capacity and standby diesel generator set capacity should be determined.
(3) Environmental conditions for the use of the unit (mainly refers to altitude and climatic conditions)
(4) Selection of diesel generators
(5) Selection of generator and excitation mode
(6) Selection of automatic functions of diesel generators