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Diesel generator radiator corrosion problem affects the heat dissipation of the unit, how should the user deal with it?

June 20, 2022
Diesel generator sets in the work will generate a lot of heat, such as not to take appropriate measures, will lead to a reduction in the unit inflation factor, abnormal combustion, power decline, increased fuel consumption, etc., and may even damage the diesel generator set, so be sure to keep the diesel generator set radiator can work properly, and the current corrosion problem is becoming the main cause of radiator failure, when the radiator corrosion phenomenon, the user How to deal with it? Top Bo power for your advice.
To effectively avoid radiator corrosion, we must often keep the tube joints do not leak, and from the top of the radiator regularly add water to discharge air to keep the system "no gas". Radiator should not be in a partial injection of water, because this will accelerate the corrosion. For non-working generators, empty or fill the water completely. If possible, use distilled water or naturally soft water and add an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor.
To ensure the good performance of the radiator, the user should also frequently clean the exterior and interior of the radiator.
External cleaning: In a dusty or dirty environment, the radiator gaps may be clogged with debris, insects and other objects, thus affecting the efficiency of the radiator. Frequent cleaning of these light deposits can be done by spraying steam or water from the front of the radiator toward the fan with low-pressure hot water plus detergent. Spraying from the opposite direction will only blow the dirt into the center. When using this method, use a cloth to cover the diesel engine and alternator. For stubborn deposits that cannot be removed by the above method, remove the radiator and immerse it in hot lye water for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off with hot water.
Internal cleaning: If you have no choice but to use hard water irrigation method for a period of time because of leaking joints, or because the power generation has been running for a period of time and no rust remover, the system may be clogged by scale.
To make the diesel generator set has a good heat dissipation effect, in addition to ensure that the diesel generator set radiator performance is stable, the user should also pay attention to the generator room should also have good ventilation, so as to bring the heat dissipation effect to the best.