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Diesel generator set disassembly and maintenance to do all these preparations before

June 29, 2022
With the continuous development of China's economy, the role of diesel generator sets in the development of the national economy is also more visible, diesel generator sets is a very mobile power generation equipment, continuous, stable and safe provision of electrical energy, by many areas as a backup and emergency power used, since it is mechanical equipment, it is inevitable that failure, due to the use of various industries to ensure the use and maintenance of power supply diesel generator sets The requirements of increasingly high, you users also need to master certain maintenance skills, some failures to avoid disassembly and reinstallation of the unit, in order to ensure the normal disassembly and repair work, before disassembly, the following preparatory work should be done.
I. Inspection before disassembly
(1) the purpose of pre-demolition inspection is to understand the structural characteristics of the generator set, wear parts and parts of the fault, to determine whether the generator set needs to be repaired and repair range, so as to have a good idea, to overcome the blindness of the repair work, increase the initiative of repair personnel. In order to arrange for the preparation of materials in advance, to make repair plans, so that the machine in the repair process does not wait for materials and accessories and cause downtime, which affects the normal conduct of the repair work.
(2) diesel generator set disassembly before the main content of the inspection include:
a. Whether the parts are complete;
b. Structural characteristics;
c. fault situation, is the speed is unstable, black smoke, lack of power, or knocking cylinders, etc. have to observe clearly;
d. How long to use, use a short time, then wear parts less, on the contrary, use a long time, then wear parts more, should be a comprehensive inspection;
e. Start the test, check what the machine has a fault, in order to prescribe the right medicine.
Second, prepare a variety of tools, diesel generator sets commonly used repair work has: open-end wrenches, plum wrenches, adjustable wrenches, sockets and torque wrenches, flat spinning tools, cross spinning tools, hand pliers, hand hammer and special pulling pliers.
Third, arrange the workplace and workbench to place tools and disassemble parts
Prepare cleaning equipment: oil basin and brush, apparatus and cleaning agent: gasoline or diesel, but the use of more usually diesel, because the use of gasoline is easy to cause a fire if not careful.
V. Prepare repair parts and various gaskets.
Disassembly is the main step in the repair work of the unit, the so-called "sharpening the knife does not miss the woodwork", in the diesel generator set for repair before doing enough preparation work, help improve the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance, disassembly work well for the diesel generator set to create good conditions for future work.