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Diesel generator set "mask" - the use of air filters guide

June 17, 2022
For diesel generator set users, mention the air filter, I believe we are not unfamiliar, it is like a diesel generator set wearing a "mask", "isolate" the dust and impurities in the air, to provide clean air for the diesel generator set.
The role of air filter
Air filter is generally divided into filter (dry) air filter and oil bath air filter, no matter which type of air filter, its role is responsible for filtering the air floating dust and grit, to prevent mechanical equipment in the work of inhaling air with impurities particles, resulting in diesel generator set wear and damage to a kind of interception and filtration device. The air filter is arranged in front of the turbo system, which can greatly enhance the service life of the diesel generator set.
The filter element in the air filter
The main components of the air filter are the filter element and the housing, of which the filter element is the main filtering part and undertakes the gas filtration work. Usually the filter element is divided into one big and one small, the big filter element is called "main filter element" outside and the small filter element is called "safety filter element" inside.
The full-life filtration efficiency of a qualified paper cartridge can reach 99.9%. Although there are two paper cartridges inside and outside, it is the main cartridge outside that plays the role of filtration. The role of the safety filter inside is mainly to protect the diesel generator set from damage by blocking dust from entering the engine during equipment maintenance or other unexpected situations such as main filter failure.
Precautions for the use of the air filter
1, do not over-cleaning: too frequent cleaning of the air filter, will not give full play to the filtering capacity of the filter element, resulting in an increase in the number of dust into the diesel generator set, causing abnormal wear and tear of the unit, but also cause early damage to the filter element.
2, the safety filter element does not require maintenance cleaning ash. It is not recommended to remove the safety element during maintenance to avoid dust entering the air intake tract (including shutdown). If dust is found on the safety filter element, it is very likely that the main filter element is broken, and the main filter element and safety filter element should be replaced immediately.
3、Air filter with safety filter element, the safety filter element is only replaced without maintenance. When the main filter element is found to be broken, it should be replaced in time.
4, air filter maintenance cycle should be decided according to the dust content of the working environment, please pay attention to maintenance when the resistance alarm alarm, or refer to the generator manufacturer's recommended maintenance manual instructions.