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Diesel generator set oil some oil misconceptions, see if you have been hit?

June 16, 2022
The role of diesel generator oil (lubricating oil) is mainly to lubricate the operating parts of the unit, but also play a role in heat dissipation, cleaning, sealing, corrosion prevention, etc., the use of oil has clear provisions, but many users are still in the diesel generator set of oil into some misunderstanding, these seem to take good care of, but is a "time bomb "The oil misconceptions, see if you have been hit?
Myth one: the more expensive the better the oil
Oil is not the more expensive the better, top Bo power tips to the majority of users, before choosing the oil should be a comprehensive understanding of their diesel generator set model information, different models of units for different levels of oil.
In the API quality class classification, diesel engine oil from low to high is roughly divided into CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4, CJ-4, CK-4, etc.. (-4 means that the grade of engine oil is suitable for four-stroke diesel engine), in addition to the quality grade, the viscosity of the engine oil is also an important indicator to be considered, users should select the engine oil by considering the recommended viscosity of the engine model, the actual use and the regional temperature to choose the right engine oil.
Myth 2: No habit of changing lubricants
This is a more users will make the mistake, many diesel generator users think that after the reduction of lubricating oil, only need to directly replenish to the fixed scale can be, but ignore the lubricating oil in the use of a period of time also need to be completely replaced. This is because the oil performance of the engine oil will be decayed with the use of time, the number of a certain consumption. If continue to use, may cause engine parts wear. Users should be in accordance with the diesel generator set manufacturers maintenance manual, according to the provisions of the regular replacement of lubricants.
Misconception three: the more oil added the better
Some users heard that the number of oil consumption becomes less harmful to the engine, so simply add a one-time enough. I don't know if it's too late, adding more oil than the standard not only can't achieve the expected maintenance effect, but also will add burden to the unit.
Generally, the height of the oil should be slightly lower than the dipstick scale. If it exceeds the standard value, the extra part of the oil "mixed" into the combustion chamber, it will cause the phenomenon of burning oil, in this case not only the oil is less and less, but also accelerate the formation of carbon in the combustion chamber.