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Diesel generator set structure of the engine valve and its installation method is introduced

June 22, 2022
The valve mechanism of diesel generator set is an important part of the whole gas distribution system. Its role is to ensure that the engine can absorb as much gas mixture or air as possible in the intake stage during the working process of the diesel generator set, and at the same time make a reliable seal during the compression and work stage of the engine. Because the valve mechanism to withstand the high temperature from the engine combustion, and cooling from the intake air, so its working environment is extremely harsh, in order to make the valve to adapt to the working environment, in high temperature can wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, to maintain the mechanical properties of the valve and valve sealing, the valve is usually made of high-quality alloy steel.
The correct installation method of the valve
1, the new conduit into the cylinder head, the application of the reamer to correct the roundness of the conduit and the size of the bore, so that the valve rod and the clearance of the conduit hole in line with the provisions of the diesel generator set manual, not processing has been refined valve rod. In use, the valve stem and conduit hole clearance shall not exceed the wear limit specified in the engine manual, generally as long as the clearance between the valve stem and the conduit reached 0.13 mm (rod diameter equal to or less than φ8 mm valve) or 0.16 mm (rod diameter greater than φ8 mm valve) will need to replace the valve or conduit, otherwise it will lead to early damage to the valve.
2, the valve and valve seat gently to research, to ensure that the valve seal, grinding can not use coarse abrasive, valve seat and valve cone contact parts, should be in the lower part of the valve cone, the valve and seat must be sealed, poor sealing will lead to power loss of the generator set and early damage to the valve.
3, after grinding, apply kerosene to clean the abrasive, and then lubricate the valve stem and duct with clean oil.
4, the deformation or burns of the valve seat ring, must be hinged, grinding correction, not only with the valve on the research method of repair, the valve seat ring can not be repaired should be replaced with new parts, repair or new seat ring mouth and the duct hole should be coaxial, coaxiality tolerance 0.03 mm, the valve into the valve seat ring, the valve and cylinder head sinking amount should be in line with the requirements of the engine manual.
5, the same series of different models of diesel generator sets may have differences in the valve, do not mix.
Diesel generator engine valve mechanism with the engine type, the structure will be different, for four-stroke diesel generator set, because the unit speed is different, the type of valve structure is also different, in the installation of the valve, you can refer to the above method of operation.