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Diesel generator sets with high noise impact?

June 16, 2022
Ordinary diesel generator sets usually emit a large noise when running, the noise will be too large to damage human hearing, and will have a serious impact on people working or living nearby, which is a big problem in areas with strict noise requirements, to solve the noise problem of the unit, you are recommended to choose a silent diesel generator set, silent diesel generator running in a silent box, which will greatly reduce the diesel generator running in a silent box, which will greatly reduce the noise emitted when the generator is running.
What is silent diesel generator
Silent diesel generators use composite materials in the generator housing. Usually, these are rigid layers of material that reflect sound energy back into the enclosure. They also use soft porous materials to absorb the sound energy and convert it into heat.
Different materials absorb different sound frequencies better than others. Certain materials may be excellent at absorbing sound at high frequencies, but poor at absorbing sound at low frequencies. To solve this problem, most silent diesel generators use different materials in multiple layers.
Higher frequencies are best absorbed by porous materials that direct smaller sound waves deeper into the material and then absorb them. And for some lower frequency sounds it is usually difficult to mute with ordinary materials, because low frequency sound waves are sometimes deflected or absorbed by thick layers of materials that are difficult to move. Therefore, the best result for suppressing low frequency sounds comes from using air spacers, thin sheets of material separated by shallow air gaps, which will create a resonant effect that will mute low frequency sounds by turning them into higher pitches.
The generator enclosure will be designed for a specific type of generator or a specific model to ensure that the sound insulation absorbs the range of sound generated by the generator as effectively as possible.
How noisy is an ordinary diesel generator set?
Sound levels are usually measured in decibels. Any sound above 80 decibels is considered "loud". Once the sound level reaches 100 decibels, this becomes uncomfortable, and once the volume reaches 140 decibels, some people may even feel pain.
The noise produced by a diesel generator can be measured on a linear scale, which is a weighted average of all sound frequencies. The audible sound scale is more helpful because it only takes into account the sounds that humans can actually hear.
How quiet is a silent diesel generator?
There is a gap between how much noise can actually be reduced and what is commercially feasible. A noise reduction of about 40 decibels is really considered the limit of practical noise reduction.
With Topper quiet diesel generators, you can significantly reduce noise. Our canopies are equipped with residential silencers and high quality sound insulation that ensure a significant reduction in the noise level generated by the generator. Topper Power has developed silent box diesel generators to ensure performance in outdoor environments.
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