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Do not know where to set the diesel generator room? Read this article to understand

June 28, 2022
Diesel generator set is an essential backup power source in modern society, according to different use environment and requirements, can be divided into open-frame diesel generator set, mobile diesel generator set, silent diesel generator set, etc., and according to different use environment, some units need to be used in the open air, while some units need to be placed in the building, generally placed in the building to use the diesel generator set must be To set up a generator room, generator room is not just a space, in order to keep your unit to maintain the best performance, the following top Bo power for you to introduce the diesel generator room should be set in which location is more reasonable.
Diesel generator room should not be placed on the first floor, the next floor or close to the adjacent location, in addition, should choose a location that is convenient for the transport, lifting and maintenance of the unit equipment, when set in the basement, diesel generator room can be set in the first floor of the building, the first basement or the second basement, should not be arranged in the third floor and below or the bottom, and should ensure that there is ventilation, moisture, smoke exhaust, muffling and vibration damping, etc. Measures should be taken and environmental protection requirements should be met, and it is best to be close to important loads or distribution substations.
The heat and smoke vent should not face the densely populated places, main roads or the open windows of residential buildings with a mutual spacing of not more than 8m. The air inlet and exhaust should not be arranged in conference rooms and other places where quiet is desired.
The generator room, control and distribution room, oil storage room, spare parts storage room, etc. should be provided in the machine room, and the design can be traded off, combined or increased according to the specific conditions of the project. In order to prevent moisture, generator manufacturers recommend that the generator room, control room and distribution room should not be located in the toilet, bathroom or other places where there is often water directly below or close to the neighbor.
Generator room equipment layout should be in line with the unit operating process requirements, and strive to compact, safe and easy to maintain and overhaul. The unit should be arranged horizontally, and when restricted by the building site, it can also be arranged vertically.
Horizontal arrangement: the centerline of the unit is perpendicular to the axis of the engine room.
Longitudinal arrangement: the centerline of the unit is parallel to the axis of the machine room.
The layout of the engine room is mainly based on horizontal arrangement (vertical arrangement), which is convenient for operation and management, short pipelines and compact layout.
When the generator room and the control room and distribution room are arranged close to each other, the generator outlet end and cable trench should be arranged on the side of the control room and distribution room. The net distance between the generator set and the outside corridor of the generator set to the wall should meet the needs of equipment transportation, local operation, maintenance and repair or arrangement of auxiliary equipment. Diesel generator set auxiliary equipment should be arranged on the side of the diesel engine or against the side wall of the engine room, and the battery should be close to the diesel engine.
The minimum clear distance (m) between the unit and the corridor and wall of the unit can be referred to the following chart.
When the engine room is set in a high-rise building, there should be sufficient fresh air inlet and reasonable location of exhaust duct in the engine room. The smoke exhaust of the machine room should avoid the sensitive area of the residents, and the smoke exhaust should be built into the exhaust duct to the roof. When the smoke exhaust is set on the roof of the podium, the smoke will be treated and then discharged according to the environmental protection requirements to reduce atmospheric pollution.
The location of the generator control room should be easy to observe, operate and dispatch, well ventilated and lighted, and the access line should be convenient. Control room should not have oil, water and other pipelines through, should not be installed and control room irrelevant equipment. Control panel (desk) installation distance and channel width should comply with the following provisions:
Control screen frontal operating width, when arranged in a single column, should not be less than 1.5m, when arranged in a double column, should not be less than 2.0m.
Off-wall arrangement, the maintenance channel behind the screen should not be less than 0.8m.
When the length of the control room is greater than 7m, there should be two exits, and the exits should be at both ends of the control room.
When the control room is not required, the control and distribution screen should be arranged at the generator end or generator side, and its operation and maintenance channel should comply with the following provisions.
1. The front of the screen should not be less than 2.0m from the generator end.
2. The front of the screen should not be less than 1.5m from the generator side.