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Do you know how to adjust the fuel supply advance angle of diesel generator set correctly?

June 22, 2022
Before the diesel generator sets are officially put into use, they should be well adjusted for fuel supply, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive fuel consumption, and even the abnormal situation of insufficient power, black smoke from exhaust and unstable speed, which directly affects the dynamics, economy and reliability of the diesel engine. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of diesel generator sets, the generator manufacturer Topbo Power suggests that the relevant operators should correct the fuel supply advance angle of diesel generator sets in time when operating the sets.
Adjustment method of the oil supply advance angle
1, remove the injection pump a governor assembly of the first cylinder of high-pressure oil pipe, the governor on the handle locked in the diesel engine rated oil supply position.
2、Turn the flywheel in the direction of operation of the diesel engine, observe the oil supply of the first cylinder of the injection pump during the rotation, and stop turning the crankshaft when the oil surface of the first cylinder is found to be just fluctuating.
3, if the pointer on the flywheel case corresponding to the flywheel oil supply degrees and the type of diesel engine does not match the oil supply angle, you can loosen the two locking screws on the injection pump combined with the disk, and then rotate the crankshaft, so that the pointer aligned with the specified range of angles, tighten the two set screws.
Top Bo power reminder: before correcting the injection pump, it is recommended that when disassembled to make a mark to the injection pump combination plate, and adjust the diesel generator set oil supply advance angle before, to exclude the air inside the low-pressure oil chamber of the injection pump, otherwise, the adjusted injection advance angle will have a certain error.