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Do you know how to calculate the power of diesel generator sets?

May 17, 2022
The choice of diesel generator set power is very critical. Too large selection increases the cost, and too small selection cannot meet the electricity requirements. When purchasing a diesel generator set, users must calculate in advance how much power they need before purchasing. However, many Users do not know how to calculate the power of diesel generator sets, JUNVOCH will answer for you.
The power of the generator set is the power efficiency of the generator set. Generally, the generator has a nameplate when it leaves the factory. This nameplate indicates the parameter table of the detailed information of the generator. Generally, there is a rated power on this table. The so-called rated power is the amount of rated voltage and current that the generator can produce in the rated power input. However, in practice, we cannot judge the generator by referring to the rated power. In many cases, we cannot provide the rated power, so the power output of the generator is not very stable.
This requires the introduction of a new concept, that is, the actual power of the generator. The actual power is not a constant, but a variable, which provides a specific power of the generator in a specific situation. Generally, the power of the diesel generator set is calculated by the rated power of the diesel engine * 0.8 (power factor), which is the main power of the diesel generator set.
Therefore, when users purchase diesel generator sets, they must calculate the power of the generator set to avoid the purchased diesel generator set from being unusable.