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Do you know what are the five main uses of diesel generator sets?

May 07, 2022
Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment known for its wide application and strong applicability. It has been widely used in various fields. The working principle of diesel generator set is to burn diesel oil through an engine, convert thermal energy into mechanical energy, and then rotate through the engine. The drive generator cuts the magnetic field, which ultimately produces electricity. So do you know what the five main uses of diesel generator sets are?
The main uses of diesel generator sets are as follows:
1. Mobile power
A mobile power source is a power generation facility that has no fixed place of use and is transferred everywhere. Diesel generator sets have become the first choice for mobile power sources due to their light, flexible and easy-to-operate features.
Mobile power sources are generally designed in the form of power vehicles, including self-powered vehicles and trailer power vehicles. Most of the power consumption units using mobile power sources have the nature of mobile work, such as oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering exploration, camping picnics, mobile command posts, trains, ships, power supply compartments (silo) of freight containers, etc. There are also some mobile The power supply has the nature of emergency power supply, such as emergency power supply vehicles in urban power supply departments, engineering rescue vehicles and emergency repair vehicles in water supply and gas supply departments.
 2. Backup power
 Although the electricity unit has a relatively stable and reliable grid power supply, in order to prevent unexpected situations, such as circuit failure or temporary power outage, diesel generator sets can still be configured for emergency power generation. Generally, the requirements for power supply security are relatively high, and even a minute-by-second power outage is not allowed. It must be replaced by backup power generation at the moment when the grid power supply terminates, otherwise it will cause great economic losses in the district. Such units include some traditional high power supply security units, such as hospitals, mines, power plants, and factories using electric heating equipment. , airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotel office buildings, high-end restaurants and entertainment venues, etc., due to the use of network management, this type of enterprises is increasingly becoming the main force using backup power.
 3. Alternative power
 The role of the alternative power source is to make up for the lack of grid power supply. There may be two situations. One is that the price of grid power is too high, and diesel generators are selected as an alternative power source from the perspective of cost saving; the other is that the use of grid power is limited when the grid power supply is insufficient. In order to produce and work normally, the electricity consumption unit needs to be replaced by an alternative power source. It is suitable for regional power shortages or power outages, and diesel generator sets can be used as alternative power sources.
4. Self-provided power supply
Electricity units without grid power supply, such as islands far from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, barracks, workstations, and radar stations in desert plateaus, need to be equipped with diesel generator sets as their own power supply. The so-called self-contained power supply means self-consumption.
5. Fire power supply
Fire-fighting diesel generator sets are mainly used as power supplies for building fire-fighting equipment. Once a fire occurs, the mains power is cut off, and the generator set can quickly become the power source of fire-fighting equipment, minimizing casualties and property. loss, safeguarding public safety and the public interest.