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Do you know what the common types of diesel generator sets are?

June 16, 2022
Diesel generator sets can be divided into many types according to different classification methods, such as land use, marine use, common units, standby units, basic diesel generator sets, automatic start diesel generator sets, AC generator sets and DC generator sets, etc., then you Do you know what are the different types of diesel generator sets that can be divided by installation method? Come with Dingbo Power to find out.
1. Open fixed installation diesel generator
This type of installation is suitable for projects where the diesel generator set is installed inside the building and once installed no longer needs to be moved. Therefore, this type of diesel generator set does not require any enclosure to protect it from bad weather, nor does it require any mobile equipment.
Typically, such diesel generator sets will be mounted on a concrete slab capable of maintaining the static mechanical requirements and vibrations the generator will be able to withstand throughout its lifetime.
2. Fixed silent box device
When the diesel generator set is exposed to harsh weather conditions, and the surrounding environment does not allow excessive noise from the generator, the diesel generator set must be in a silent state and the noise it produces must meet environmental protection requirements. At this time, the installation is fixed. The silent box-type diesel generator set is the ideal choice for users.
The diesel generator is enclosed in a steel cabinet, protecting it from bad weather. The inside of the box is covered with sound insulation material to reduce the noise level emitted. This type of diesel generator set installation is suitable for use in environments with relatively high noise requirements.
3. Mobile trailer silent box diesel generator set
Diesel generator sets of this type are often used in temporary installations (events, movie shoots, field work, etc.). Its distinctive feature is that the mobile trailer silent box diesel generator set must ensure that it can be transported to any place where power is required; therefore, generator manufacturers generally install it on a trailer for easy movement.
The mobile trailer silent box diesel generator set is placed on some special anti-vibration dampers, which can withstand the shear stress (or lateral deformation) that may occur during the cycle: factors such as braking, acceleration or bumping. In this way, it is possible to manage to protect the whole (engine-alternator set) and ensure the functionality and durability of the generator.
Through the above introduction, we know that the installation of diesel generator sets has the above three basic types. Users can choose a suitable diesel generator set according to their own use environment. If you still have doubts about how to choose a diesel generator set, please call Dingbo Electricity, we will provide you with a comprehensive and considerate one-stop diesel generator set solution.