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Do you know why diesel engines are widely used as drilling power equipment?

April 20, 2022
Diesel engine has the remarkable advantages of high thermal efficiency, and its application range is getting wider and wider. In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing friction loss, widely adopting exhaust gas turbocharging and increasing supercharging degree, further lightweight, high speed, low fuel consumption, low noise and low pollution are all important development directions of diesel engines.
As the diesel engine is not subject to regional restrictions, its performance and rotational speed can be stably adjusted, which can prevent overloading of the working machine and avoid equipment accidents. In addition, its lightweight structure is very suitable for outdoor operations, and it is the preferred power equipment for drilling.
(1) Not subject to regional restrictions, with self-sustaining ability. Regardless of the cold zone, the tropics, the plateau, the mountain, the plain, the desert, the swamp, the ocean, it can work with its own fuel, which is very important for the exploration and development of new oil fields.
(2) After the product is serialized, the so-called "building block type" can be adopted for different levels of drilling rigs, that is, the method of increasing the number of units of the same type to increase the total installed power, thereby reducing the variety of diesel engines.
(3) In terms of performance, the speed can be adjusted smoothly, which can prevent the overload of the working machine and avoid equipment accidents. When the full-standard governor is installed, different stable working speeds can be obtained when the throttle handle is in different positions. When the external load increases beyond Mmax, the diesel engine will go beyond the stable operating point on the external characteristics and turn off, so that the transmission mechanism or the working machine will not be damaged due to overload.
(4) Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to move and transport, suitable for field mobile operations.
(5) As a drilling rig power machine, it also has shortcomings, such as a relatively flat torque curve, a small adaptability coefficient (1.05-1.15), a limited overload capacity; a narrow speed adjustment range (1.3-1.8); high noise, affecting workers' health; Compared with the electric drive, the drive transmission efficiency is low and the fuel cost is high.