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Doing a good job of "three not to miss four net" can ensure the efficient operation of generators

July 08, 2022
The service life of diesel generator sets and working methods reliable or not, not only depends on its own structural perfection, good or bad product quality and correct use and can be closely related to serious maintenance, in order to Shangchai generators to achieve good working condition, top Bo power suggests that users should do "three not leak, four net,".
The service life of Shangchai diesel generator set and the working method reliable or not, not only depends on its own structure perfect degree, the quality of the product is good or bad and the correct use and can be closely related to the serious maintenance, in order to Shangchai generator to reach a good working condition, top Bo power suggests that the user should do "three not leak, four net,". ".
Three does not leak
One does not leak oil: low-pressure oil pipe and high-pressure oil pipe at the oil gasket can not have oil, to achieve a clean state.
Second, no air leakage: the connection of the air filter can not leak at the connection of the tube, to maintain a closed state.
Three no leakage: water tank, cylinder gasket and water plug can not have water leakage, to ensure a good state of circulating water
Four clean
A fuel clean
1. Should use genuine fuel, do not choose "small oil". Purchase oil should use special oil barrels.
2. Before refueling, wipe clean the dust, dirt and oil tools around the fuel tank cover.
3. Every time you add diesel oil, it is better to add diesel oil that has been settled for more than 48 hours and has no granular debris.
4. should choose genuine oil filter and clean or replace it regularly to reduce the wear of the three precision couples in the oil circuit, and prolong its service life.
Second oil clean
1. Always pay attention to the use of clean lubricants in line with the standard Shangchai diesel generator.
2. Diligently change the oil, use the oil suitable for the season to ensure the lubrication effect, to achieve effective lubrication effect to reduce the damage to the parts.
3. Change the oil filter regularly, the oiler should also be kept clean.
4. Special attention should be paid to the purchase of genuine engine oil, do not choose poor quality oil, so as not to damage the unit due to small losses.
Clean air in three cylinders
1. In order to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is clean, the air filter must be checked and cleaned and replaced regularly.
2. If it is working in a harsh environment and dusty site, use the three-stage filter or high filter to reduce the entry of dust and achieve good filtering effect, and should shorten the cleaning interval.
Four coolant clean
1. If the engine is added to the coolant is not clean, not only will increase the wear and tear of the components, but also increase fuel consumption and reduce power.
2. Engine coolant is best to use soft water, such as tap water or well water after sedimentation.
3. Cooling system should be cleaned regularly according to the dirt situation.
Do "three not leak four net", is the key to play on the diesel generator effective power. This requires diesel generator users to develop good working habits and shift maintenance, after a long period of operation to carry out the necessary primary maintenance and secondary maintenance, the diesel generator for a longer period of time to carry out tertiary maintenance, in order to achieve good working condition and productivity.