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Don't add cheap and poor quality fuel, otherwise it will cause serious harm and loss

June 28, 2022
Diesel generator fuel is diesel fuel, due to the rising international crude oil this year, domestic oil prices also followed up, with the recent rising oil prices, many "friends" have said that they can not afford to fill up the oil, at this time some businesses will begin to sell up "cheap" fuel, when you see the cheaper than the market price of fuel, such a "little cheap" let many users moved, but the top Bo power to remind all diesel generator users: cheap inferior fuel do not add, or serious harm loss!
Several characteristics of poor quality diesel fuel and harm.
(1) the appearance of poor quality diesel fuel characteristics are more obvious, generally more turbid or darker color or even black.
(2) diesel fuel is required to have a mark, poor quality diesel fuel generally does not meet the mark.
(3) diesel fuel has a certain low calorific value, and poor quality diesel fuel is generally unable to meet this requirement, which will make the fuel consumption rate is too high, resulting in diesel generator sets can not play a normal performance.
(4) poor quality diesel fuel sulfur content exceeds the standard, the sulfur content is too high, it will cause the lubricity of the oil to decline, the engine can not get good lubrication effect, long-term use of the engine damage, while the sulfur content exceeds the standard will cause the unit emissions increase, the environmental hazards are also great.
(5) The impurities and water content in the poor quality diesel oil is high, which will cause the lubrication effect of the fuel pump in the engine to decrease, and the lubrication effect of the injector nozzle and other such precision devices will also cause a decrease, which will seriously affect the performance of the engine.
(6) The amount of residual carbon of poor quality diesel fuel is also very high, easy to form too much carbon in the engine, seriously affecting the combustion effect of the engine, causing the engine combustion chamber temperature is too high, the high temperature environment will cause damage to the engine piston and piston rings, etc., seriously affecting the service life of the engine.
Through the above introduction, I believe you already know the harm of using poor quality fuel. In addition to the serious damage caused by using poor quality fuel to the unit itself, another point worth noting is that the failure caused by filling unqualified oil is not covered by the warranty service of the unit. In other words, if the unit is damaged due to the filling of poor quality fuel because you are greedy for a small price, you will have to pay for the repair at your own expense, which will be a considerable amount of money. Therefore, avoid the use of poor quality diesel fuel, both for the performance and service life of diesel generator sets and your economic interests, are very important, you users remember.