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External and internal causes of diesel generator set failure

July 08, 2022
As long as the machinery and equipment will inevitably produce failure, the engine is the part of the unit to produce power, the most prone to failure, and practice has proved that the reasons for the failure of diesel generator sets are diverse, but in the final analysis is no more than internal and external causes of the two aspects.
Diesel generator sets by the engine, AC synchronous generator control panel consists of three major components, the use of advanced design concepts and design means, so that the unit has a wide power coverage, low emissions, low fuel consumption, low noise, high reliability, but as long as the machinery and equipment will inevitably produce failure, the engine is the part of the unit to generate power, the most prone to failure, and practice has proved that diesel generator sets produce The reasons for the failure of diesel generator sets are varied, but in the final analysis, it is no more than internal and external reasons for two aspects.
Internal reasons for the production of generator failure
1, the nature of the material and oil: in the design and manufacturing process, according to the nature and characteristics of the work of the generator set parts to choose the correct material. Improper selection of materials, materials do not meet the requirements and the choice of inappropriate substitutes is the main reason for parts generated wear, corrosion, deformation, fatigue damage, rupture and aging and other phenomena. The nature of the various materials and oils used in the unit, in summary, is no more than the physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties of the three aspects. Many failures of the unit is due to the influence of external factors, through these properties and the results of the action. Such as metal materials under excessive force will produce deformation and cracks or even break, will oxidize under the action of high temperature, under various loads will produce fatigue damage; non-metallic materials will produce aging; acid contained in the oil has a corrosive effect on the metal, and will make the oil deterioration, etc..
2. Structural characteristics of the machine parts: Each machine part of the unit has its own characteristics in the form of structure. In the work, external factors often work through these characteristics to make the relevant parts fail. For example, due to the structural characteristics of the engine water jacket, under the action of high temperature, the cooling water is easy to form scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, and affect the cooling effect of the cylinder liner.
3, the working characteristics of the machine parts: direct contact and relative movement between the machine parts due to friction and wear. For example, the diesel engine piston ring direct contact with the cylinder, in the course of work, the piston ring in the cylinder for high-speed reciprocating linear motion, resulting in cylinder wear. The work of the temperature changes dramatically parts, due to thermal stress and deformation and cracking. For example, in the engine work process, the cylinder block and cylinder head due to the role of high temperature, its internal stress redistribution, to reach a new balance, resulting in the cylinder block and cylinder head plane warpage deformation.
Generator failure generated by external causes
1, improper use: the use of personnel did not follow the operating procedures to use the unit. Such as often low-speed operation, no warm-up on the rapid increase in load, oil pressure is too low, etc. will accelerate the wear and tear of the parts; working hours are too long, the load changes too much, long-term overload operation, etc. will also cause premature damage to parts.
2, poor maintenance: when maintaining the unit, the work is not completed in strict accordance with the specified technical requirements, or the wrong operation method is adopted, resulting in man-made failures, etc. In the usual maintenance, the oil should be replaced in time, the air filter and the scale of the water tank should be cleaned regularly, etc. Carry out routine maintenance of the unit and the first, second and third level maintenance as required.
3. Poor repair quality: In the repair process, if the processing is improper and does not meet the technical requirements of repair, such as improper clearance of each part, insufficient surface finish, unclean cleaning during assembly, etc., it will cause the unit to malfunction in the process of use. The mutual position accuracy between the parts in the assembly process is also very important, and if it fails to meet the requirements, it will cause additional stress, produce adverse consequences such as partial grinding and accelerate the failure of the machine.
The establishment of a reasonable maintenance system, the strict implementation of the technical maintenance of diesel generator sets and the use of operating procedures, is to ensure the reliable work of the unit and improve its service life of the important conditions. In addition, the need for regular training of maintenance personnel to improve their business quality and level.