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Fuel saving tips for diesel generator sets

May 17, 2022
The fuel consumption of diesel generator sets is generally affected by the fuel consumption rate of the unit itself and the size of the load. Generally, the diesel generator sets of the same brand and model will consume more fuel when the load is large. On the contrary, the relative fuel consumption will be small when the load is small. However, this is not absolute. To reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets, the generator set can be operated at about 80% of the rated load. Long-term low-load operation will increase the fuel consumption and even damage the generator set. Therefore, diesel generators must be treated correctly. The relationship between fuel consumption and load of a generator set.
In addition, the factors that affect the fuel consumption of diesel generators are unit failure. If the diesel generator set fails, no matter the size of the fault, it will reduce the operation of the diesel generator set and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is one of the effective ways to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets to carefully maintain the diesel generator set, and if there is a problem, it should be repaired in time. In addition, in order to fuel-efficient operation of diesel generator sets, the following points need to be done.
1. Maintaining the best state of diesel engine valve clearance is one of the basics of diesel engine fuel saving.
If the valve clearance of the diesel engine is incorrect, the intake air will be insufficient and the exhaust gas will not be clean, which will inevitably cause the excessive air coefficient of the diesel engine to be too small, resulting in incomplete fuel combustion. The result will not only lead to the occurrence of operating failures such as insufficient power and black smoke of the diesel engine, but also significantly increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to check the valve clearance regularly.
2. Avoid oil leakage of diesel engine.
There is oil leakage or oil seepage in the fuel system, which may not be serious at first, but it will cause a lot of fuel loss over time.
3. Ensure that the cylinder assembly is always in a cooperative state.
If the cylinder components are worn and the cylinder compression pressure is reduced, the fuel combustion environment will inevitably become worse, which will significantly increase the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set.
4. Change the practice of "big horse-drawn trolley".
Many equipments have the practice of "big machine with small load", which is a waste of energy. The improvement method is to appropriately increase the pulley of the diesel engine, and increase the speed of the equipment when the diesel engine is running at a reduced speed, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing power and saving energy.
5. Regularly check and maintain the air filter.
 If the air filter element is too dirty, the diesel generator set will have insufficient air intake, and the result will be the same as incorrect valve clearance, which will also lead to increased diesel oil consumption, insufficient power and black smoke failure.