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Generator belt performance should not be underestimated, generator manufacturers teach you to start before the easy few steps to retighten

June 30, 2022
For diesel generator sets, before leaving the factory, all parts have generally been reasonably adjusted, and the belt tension has also been suitably checked and adjusted, but in the process of use thereafter, due to installation or other factors, the belt performance may decay and easily appear too loose slippage and wear, affecting the normal use of the unit. Especially the summer is ready to come and the peak period of electricity consumption will not be far away, if the unit fails due to the belt tensioning without checking and correcting in advance, it will affect people's electricity consumption to different degrees.
Generator belt tension check method: apply 30-40N force vertically downward between the two pulleys, and the belt curvature of 10-15mm is appropriate.
The method of adjusting the belt tension is divided into three types according to different structures.
A. With tensioning pulley structure.
(1) use a wrench to slightly loosen the tensioning wheel bolt ①, to tensioning wheel pad ② can slide along the slide groove.
2)Turn the adjusting screw ③ with a wrench so that the tensioning wheel pad ② moves toward the head end of the adjusting bolt ③ to tighten the belt.
(3) adjust the belt tension to the requirements of the operating instructions, stop rotating the adjusting screw ③, and then tighten the tensioning pulley bolt ①.
Second, the fan and the generator share a belt drive, can move the generator bracket, change its pulley position to achieve the required tightness.
Third, the pulley consists of two halves, first loosen the fixed bolt, and then rotate the adjustable half of the pulley, so as to change the width of the synthetic pulley bad, so as to lift the v-belt, to achieve the required degree of tightness.
The belt of the diesel generator set has a certain service life, such as long-term use of the belt has softened, severe wear or broken, the user should be replaced in a timely manner. Note that some diesel fan belts are two, must be replaced at the same time, so as to avoid its uneven tension, uneven force, causing failure.