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Generator fuel filter replacement method

June 27, 2022
Generators require high fuel cleanliness, using two-stage special high-efficiency fuel filter, fixed in the body or bracket with two M8-6H screws, in use, if the unit is found that the fuel supply is not smooth, there is a possibility that the filter element is blocked, at this time, you should stop and drain the fuel, you can directly loosen the tie rod nut on the diesel engine, remove the shell, take out the filter element, as shown in Figure 1, then the filter element in gasoline or diesel fuel with a brush Gently wash off the dirt, if the cartridge is broken or difficult to clean, it must be replaced with a new one, arrange to install it and inject new fuel.
Generator fuel filter for paper cartridge rotary type, the user should also pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter overall cartridge, so as not to cause insufficient oil supply due to excessive resistance of the cartridge, when installing the cartridge, should first be filled with clean diesel fuel in the cartridge, so as not to enter the air in the fuel system, causing starting difficulties and unstable operation, and then lubricate the rubber seal with a small amount of clean oil, and then install the overall cartridge (to be sealed with the base (after contact with the base and then tighten 3/4 ~ 1 turn can be).
The diesel filter of the generator set must be replaced after the break-in period (50 hours) in general, and then every 500 hours or half a year. In addition, you must observe the water in the fuel pre-filter water cup every day, and drain the water. When replacing the fuel filter, turn off the fuel tank switch and wipe the dirt around the fuel filter thoroughly to avoid the dirt from entering the new filter canister when replacing the new filter.
Special reminder.
1、Only use qualified diesel fuel filter to ensure the cleanliness of fuel and reduce engine failure, please make sure to use Yuchai special or Yuchai approved filter.
2, strictly in accordance with the maintenance instructions for maintenance.