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Generator generation management program

July 27, 2022
I. Development background
1, due to the tight power supply, from time to time there are power outages, power line failures, power grid maintenance and other factors, which can cause utility power outages. Mobile base stations are located in urban and rural areas, and in order to ensure the coverage of communication signals, small gas (diesel) oil generators are used for emergency power generation to ensure the normal operation of base stations. In the process of frequent power generation, the seemingly simple process of power generation and rescue actually contains many urgent problems.
2, the generator as an emergency backup power provider, once the power outage, the generator set is required to "get up and running, to supply". Especially in the case of large-scale power outages, due to the limited number of generators. Generator routine maintenance work is extremely important, do a good job of routine maintenance of generators, that is, to extend the service life of the generator, but also to make the generator in a long-term normal standby state.
3, by power generation frequently, power generation requires personnel on the station power generation. Generate a large number of costs, including vehicle costs, labor costs, fuel costs. In the current management mode, the phenomenon of artificial cheating happens from time to time. Misrepresentation of power generation hours. Artificially pulling the gate, no-load power generation, brings many difficulties to the management of power generation. With the increase of fuel price and labor cost, the maintenance cost of base station has increased sharply. Control of power generation costs has become a prominent issue in the management of power generation.
4, after the power failure of the base station, if the power generation personnel do not generate power in time, it will cause the battery of the base station to discharge to the limit and cause the base station equipment to be disconnected from service. Multiple deep discharges of the battery will also seriously affect the service life of the battery. Especially in the case of large area power outage, how to use the limited resources to ensure the emergency dispatch effectively reduces the decommissioning time of the base station. It is especially important for operators to improve the index of base station interruption.
II. Solution
This solution is applicable to mobile generators, fixed generators, small server room generators, mobile base station generators
1、Area management
2、Dynamic analysis
3、Generator operation status management
4、Generator maintenance management
5、Generator idle management:
6、Super maintenance period management
7、Utilization rate management
8、Generation cost management
Three, the data collector function features
1、Self-start function.
2、Current detection function.
3、Voltage detection function.
4、SMS and Internet access function.
5、Storage retransmission function.
6、Full Chinese SMS operation.
7、Backup power supply.
8, seismic, waterproof design.
Fourth, the system management software platform
The system management software adopts the form of BS access, which can access the monitoring system remotely through the computer or cell phone with Internet access function, so as to facilitate unified management. Can also be connected to the generator controller and ATS controller, can also monitor the generator winding temperature, bearing temperature, etc., to achieve a more comprehensive monitoring
1、Statistical report
According to a section of the extension, in a certain period of time, the system automatically statistics of fuel costs, vehicle costs. Labor costs, excel reports can be exported.
2、Generator operation status management
On the electronic map shows the location of all generators that are generating electricity, the location of all generators that are not generating electricity. The mouse moves to the location of the oil engine to display the relevant parameters of the engine "generator number, generation voltage, current, single / three-phase, gas / diesel, start time, stop time and the corresponding location. A generator can be queried in a certain period of time to generate the track of operation.
3、Generator maintenance management
When the generator generates electricity for every 100 hours, the collector will automatically send maintenance SMS to the cell phone of the power generation personnel. After the maintenance is completed, the relevant maintenance personnel will send SMS to the data collector's local number with the cell phone number entered in advance. The system automatically identifies the relevant information of the maintenance personnel and the maintenance location, maintenance time and maintenance level.
4、Multiple interfaces
LXI980 a variety of data communication interfaces: USB (Host), RS232, RS485, LINK, CAN (J1939), can be connected to a variety of international brands of generator set control modules (still in the process of upgrading), each interface is independently programmable, while connected to the unit can also be connected to the ATS controller and other equipment to achieve more data collection and control; there are Multiple ways to connect to the Internet (optional): wired Ethernet, WIFI, 2G/3G/4G wireless network, suitable for various application scenarios; Note: one module monitors one unit in stand-alone application, and one module monitors a group of units in parallel application.
V. Application effect
A mobile company is located in mountainous areas, relatively backward traffic conditions, power network transformation lagging behind the local city, base station maintenance is difficult, coupled with the base station backward battery aging and other unfavorable factors, in 2010 the entire generation of base station maintenance hours reached 327846 hours, power generation costs up to 6.26 million yuan, through the operation of the generator power generation management system throughout 2011, the annual power generation audit settlement hours dropped to 265537 hours (down 19% from 2010), and the corresponding power generation expense dropped to 5.13 million yuan (down 18% from 2010). In 2010, a total of 12 emergency dispatching of oil machines for large-scale power outages were implemented, which effectively compressed the decommissioning calendar of base stations. Before use.
Manual statistics and manual tracking required for the whole process of power generation
Inaccurate power generation data, many cheating behaviors and high costs
No monitoring of generators and confusing management
Untimely generator maintenance and high scrap rate
Inaccurate cost calculation