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Generator manufacturers always emphasize the use of clean diesel fuel, so how should users purify diesel fuel?

July 01, 2022
The technical state of the fuel system of diesel generator sets has an important impact on the power and economy of the unit, in order to make diesel generator sets have higher reliability and lower fuel consumption, generator manufacturers always emphasize to users should choose clean diesel fuel that meets the specifications, if the use of unclean diesel fuel will make the fuel system parts wear, causing deterioration of working conditions, and the diesel fuel purification can not only improve the plunger vice and other The diesel oil purification can not only improve the service life of the plunger and other parts, but also relate to whether the diesel engine can work effectively and economically.
Diesel oil purification is to remove impurities and water in the oil through precipitation and filtration before use to improve the cleanliness of the oil, generally the following methods can be used to purify.
1、Diesel pre-sedimentation. Generally after 96 hours of precipitation, can remove 0.005 mm particles. The longer the precipitation time, the more obvious the effect of removing the tiny impurities that cannot be removed by the filter.
2、Remember not to shake the diesel oil after precipitation when taking it. The pumping bucket or hose can not be inserted directly into the bottom of the barrel, leaving at least 80-]00mm distance from the bottom of the barrel. You cannot use the method of pouring oil by tilting the bucket to refuel. As for the diesel fuel below 80-100 mm of the oil drum, they can be concentrated and filtered after sedimentation before use.
3、Filtering when refueling. Must be filtered when refueling, which is the last gate to prevent mechanical impurities into the diesel engine, in the pumping bucket or self-flow method of refueling, it is best to filter with a fine cloth or other filtering materials.
In order to ensure the stable performance of diesel generating sets, top Bo power recommends that users must use the environment according to the temperature, according to the table to choose a different grade of clean diesel fuel, but also pay attention to the diesel fuel can not be mixed with gasoline, alcohol or alcohol - gasoline mixed fuel, otherwise it may cause an explosion.