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Generator manufacturers remind you to remember the safe use of the unit to prevent electric shock accidents!

June 30, 2022
At present, most enterprises are equipped with diesel generator sets as emergency backup power, but some users due to the lack of safety awareness and do not comply with safety operating procedures and safety accidents caused by the occurrence of the top Bo power suggest that after the purchase of diesel generator sets, read more than a few times the safety operating instructions, so that you can effectively avoid some accidents. In the safety accidents, electrocution accidents are particularly frequent.
We know that more than 60% of the human tissue is composed of water containing conductive substances, when the body touches the charged part of the equipment and form a current circuit, there will be current flow through the body resulting in electrocution. When operating diesel generator sets do not comply with the safe work procedures, the human body in direct contact or too close to the electrically charged part of the electrical equipment, or near the insulation damage to electrical equipment or other electrically charged parts of the ground short circuit, will be higher potential, causing human electrocution. Electricity is often called "electric tiger", when the flow of electricity in the body through, it will cause the body caused by tendon contraction, stabbing pain, fainting and even cardiac arrest and other conditions, so we must pay attention to the safety of electricity.
Diesel generator operators to raise awareness of the safety of electricity equipment, always remember that "safety first, prevention before it happens", and to ensure that the three do not harm - "not to damage themselves, not to damage others, not by others Damage", then if not expected in time, the diesel generator electrocution accident should be how to deal with it? The way to get rid of the general four words, that is, "pull", "cut", "pick" and "drag".
Pull - pull off the leakage switch or pull out the power plug.
Cut - break the power plug with insulating pliers, be sure to quickly a to cut, not more than one cut together, otherwise it will lead to secondary safety accidents.
pick - with a dry stick to pick through the cable.
yank - hand wrapped dry clothes and pants but wear insulating gloves with one hand will diesel generator electrocution accident tug away.
To ensure the normal and safe operation of the diesel generator set, but also to protect the lives of the operators of the unit, please must bear in mind the diesel generator set safety operating procedures.