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Generator manufacturers teach you how to properly check the coolant level of diesel generator sets

June 24, 2022
The coolant of diesel generator sets has the three major roles of providing sufficient heat transfer capacity, preventing corrosion of all metal materials in the cooling system and providing sufficient anti-freeze capacity, which are indispensable parts to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets, the ideal temperature range of coolant is between 74 and 91℃ (the maximum temperature shall not exceed 93℃), at which time the diesel engine parts get uniform expansion, so as to obtain a better oil film gap and maintain the best lubrication effect. So as to obtain a better oil film gap, the unit can maintain the best lubrication effect. This generator manufacturers top Bo power teach you how to properly check the coolant level of diesel generator sets.
1, new or overhauled units for the first time to add coolant
a) check that all the water discharge switch is closed.
b) open the exhaust valve switch on the water main pipe.
c) slowly add coolant to the radiator of the water tank to exclude the air in the waterway, and close the exhaust valve switch when no water bubbles come out of the exhaust valve.
d) add coolant to the top of the tank about 20-40mm away, that is, flush with the height of the radiator position.
e) check whether the seam on the outside surface of the water tank heat sink is blocked, if you need to clean up in a timely manner.
2, check the diesel generator set coolant level
Diesel generator set before starting or after shutdown to check the coolant level, if it is checked after shutdown, be careful not to rashly open the unit just after work to check, because at this time the temperature inside the tank is very high, pressure, easy to be splashed out of the water scalded themselves, should wait until the diesel generator set shutdown cooling before slowly unscrewing the pressure cover on the radiator or expansion tank, after releasing the pressure and then Check, check the coolant level height from the liquid filling port or liquid level check port, check whether the liquid level height is within the scale line, less liquid should be added, when adding coolant must be injected slowly to avoid its splash into the eyes to cause injury.