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Generator manufacturers teach you to accurately determine whether your diesel generator set's oil consumption is too high

June 23, 2022
Diesel generator set oil in the normal operation of the unit will produce a normal value of consumption, but some users perceive always feel that their diesel generator oil consumption is too large, then this hair on the oil consumption should be how to check.
1, check whether there is oil leakage outside the diesel generator set, in most cases, the user will not be in place because of the oil leakage, so wrongly that the oil consumption, common need to check the location of external leaks are oil pan and oil drain bolts, rocker room cover, oil filter seat, supercharger and crankshaft before (after) the oil seal; focus on checking whether the seal exists rolled edge, fracture and other phenomena leading to oil leakage, if If the amount of oil leakage is not easy to detect visually, you can choose to use fluorescent tracer to help determine the source of leakage.
2. Use the correct oil type and pay attention to the oil change interval. Using high quality engine oil and adopting the appropriate oil and oil filter change interval are key factors to maintain engine performance and durability, if the oil and filter change interval is extended beyond the recommended value, it will shorten the engine life and cause abnormal oil consumption due to factors such as corrosion, deposits and wear.
In addition to the troubleshooting and diagnosis of the biggest causes of oil consumption, the confirmation of the true oil consumption values is also a very important part of the process. In order to accurately obtain the oil-fuel ratio, it is often necessary to monitor a cycle in which two checks need to be performed on the engine.
The first time: place the unit on a flat surface, run the engine until the water temperature reaches above 60℃, stop the engine and drain the oil, replace the oil filter, add oil to the upper scale line, seal the oil filler and oil drain bolt, and zero the ECM short-term oil consumption data;
Second: check the conversion fuel consumption and measure the oil consumption to get the accurate engine fuel ratio.
Through long-term experience, the maintenance of the intake system, the correct use of oil, filter elements on the impact of oil consumption is essential to obtain a more ideal fuel ratio, the user should pay attention to the correct choice of high-quality oil and regular maintenance of diesel generator sets.