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Generator manufacturers teach you to distinguish whether a diesel generator set is a refurbished machine

June 13, 2022
In recent years, with the development of society, people's life and production have become more and more dependent on electricity. Many communities, units and enterprises have purchased diesel generator sets as emergency backup power sources. The quality is different, and even some merchants mix the old with the new. It is necessary to know that a diesel generator set is expensive, so users must look for reliable manufacturers when purchasing, and do not be fooled into buying second-hand mobile phones or refurbished machines for cheapness. , In this article, the generator manufacturer - Dingbo Power will teach you how to skillfully identify whether the diesel generator set you purchased is a refurbished machine.
1. Observe the paint of the unit
This is the most intuitive way to see whether the unit has been refurbished or has been repainted. Generally, the original paint on the diesel generator set is relatively uniform and there is no sign of oil flow. In addition, most of the accessories of the new diesel generator set are of natural color, that is, different from the color of the body; while the refurbished machine sprays the whole machine into one color, generally It is difficult for refurbished machines to have the same paint finish as the original, which is easy to identify.
2. Check the diesel engine nameplate and other labels
The diesel engine is the most important part of the generator set. It is the power part of the diesel generator set. The generator set must be purchased with a nameplate. The nameplate is equivalent to the generator's ID card. The generator without a nameplate is equivalent to a black household. In addition, the labels of the units that have not been refurbished are generally pasted in place at one time, and there will be no feeling of being lifted, and all labels are not covered by paint. The line pipe, water tank cover and oil cover are generally assembled and tested before the control line pipe is arranged when assembling the generator set. If the oil cover has obvious black oil marks, then the diesel engine is suspected of being refurbished, and it is generally brand new. The water tank cover of the machine is very clean, but if it is a used machine, the water tank cover will generally have yellow marks, which should be carefully checked by the user.
3. Observation accessories, control system
For other accessories control systems, just open and look inside, you will know if it is a refurbished machine. The appearance of the new machine must be the same as the inside. Touch the exhaust pipe with your hand: touch the exhaust pipe with your hand to see if there is much black material inside. Most are refurbished machines. Start the diesel generator and look at the meter: when the refurbished generator starts, the temperature of the water tank rises slowly, while the new unit rises quickly.
Fourth, check the engine oil
If it is a brand new diesel generator set, its internal parts are all new, and the oil will not turn black after a few times of driving. black.