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Generator manufacturers why you are advised not to buy cheap oil filters, look at the comparison will know!

July 22, 2022
The main role of the diesel generator oil filter is to filter the oil in the abrasive, dust and other mechanical impurities and gel-like sediment, in order to reduce the wear and tear of mechanical parts, to improve the operating efficiency of diesel generator sets, the machine filter is a wear parts, usually in the replacement of oil will be replaced together with a new filter, the basic requirements for the oil filter is good filtration effect, through the resistance of small, so the user in the purchase, must Therefore, the user must pay attention to identify the quality of the purchase, there are many cheap and shoddy products on the market, generator manufacturers top Bo power suggest that you do not greedy cheap purchase cheap inferior oil filter, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the unit.
How big is the difference between genuine oil filter and cheap oil filter
(1) Features of genuine oil filter
(1) The genuine oil filter has clear printing on the surface of the factory label and good texture of the paint used for printing.
②The internal bypass valve is provided to ensure sufficient amount of oil supply in any condition.
③Complex backflow inhibition design ensures that the oil filter contains the necessary oil for the next start, reducing wear and tear during cold starts (all genuine filters have this feature).
④The factory is equipped with a protective bag, lubricating grease at the interface, good sealing material for the gasket and rules for the rubber parts.
⑤The metal oil-passage network in the filter paper cartridge has a standard form to ensure the amount of oil passing through.
⑥The material is specially developed according to the engine oil used, and the density is moderate to ensure the filtering of the engine oil.
(2) The characteristics and hazards of poor quality oil filters
① oil filter surface font printing blurred or not clear enough, font printing paint surface is poor quality, thin.
②No bypass valve, once the oil filter is blocked, the engine will not get enough oil lubrication.
③There is no oil reflux function after turning off the engine, so the engine wear will be bigger when cold start.
④The gasket is made of poor sealing material, which may cause oil leakage under high temperature and pressure, and even lead to fire.
⑤The filter paper is made of different materials, so it is difficult to play the intended filtering effect.
(6) The metal oil filter is roughly made, and it is difficult to ensure the sufficient oil flow.
Although the filter is only a small part, but it is vital for the diesel generator set. The shoddy oil filter not only affects the normal oil supply lubrication of the engine by the oil pump, but also some counterfeit oil filters are crude, and the interface of the main oil channel may be poorly sealed, causing the oil to flee out of the oil filter and the combination surface of the cylinder, resulting in oil leakage, poor engine heat dissipation and other failures, and in serious cases, cylinder explosion. So in the purchase of oil filter must choose the right product to ensure safety.