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Hands-on teaching you the correct disassembly and installation of diesel generator set electronically controlled monoblock pump (II)

July 07, 2022
Diesel generator injection pump injection advance angle is the crankshaft rotation angle relative to the crankshaft stop at the moment diesel fuel starts to be injected into the cylinder, which is one of the important factors affecting the working condition of diesel generators. The monoblock pump is the device used to generate the injection pressure of the injector, and the correct installation or not of the injection pump on the diesel generator will directly affect the accuracy of the injection advance angle.
Diesel generator
Second, the installation steps of the monoblock pump
1, the installation of the preparatory work before
(1) Clean the assembly tools, clean the tools into the tool box to keep clean for use.
(2) Check whether the camshaft lubricating oil hole, roller oil channel, diesel oil channel, oil main/transverse oil channel, oil temperature sensor mounting hole, bleed screw hole and the bottom surface of each oil return hole are clean.
3)Check each bearing bushing for scratching, rotation, movement, oil hole misalignment, etc.
4)Check whether there are burrs in the three sealing bands of each cylinder.
5)Check whether there is any damage to the thread of each screw hole.
2、Install the monoblock pump camshaft onto the pump body
Note: When installing the camshaft, first apply an appropriate amount of clean oil to the inner surface of the pump chamber bushing and the camshaft journal, and check the rotation flexibility by hand after the camshaft is installed into the pump chamber.
3. Install the oil injection pump connecting plate to the front of the monoblock pump chamber
First, install the positioning sleeve (2pcs/set) in front of the connecting plate, then install the O-ring (3pcs/set, installed on the connecting flange groove), the positioning sleeve (2pcs/set), and the bolt (4pcs/set).
4、Install the spacer and thrust piece to the connection plate
5、Install the oil pump
Connect the drive sleeve to the oil delivery pump, then add the spacer and install it.
Note: After fixing the oil delivery pump, check the flexibility of cam rotation by hand. The rotation should be flexible without stalling and the axial clearance of the camshaft should be more than 0.50 mm. pivot the camshaft forward and check that the axial clearance between the timing stopper and the spacer is 0.16 mm ~ 0.26 mm.
6、Install 6 cylinders of monoblock pump parts
1) Apply a layer of oil on the outer surface of the tappet body, and put the tappet into the monoblock pump chamber by holding the tappet by hand.
Note: When putting the tappet into the chamber of the monoblock pump, put the guide groove of the tappet towards the face of the observation window of the pump chamber.
2) Use a wire to set the guide slot of the roller from the mounting hole of the pump chamber so that the guide slot is exactly opposite to the mounting hole of the positioning pin.
(3) Install O-ring in the positioning pin and apply two layers of grease on the outer surface of the O-ring. Then install it into the pump room and jam the roller body, do not tighten the positioning pin first, and then tighten it after checking the sliding up and down of the tappet.
(4) hook a small iron hook in the inner cavity of the roller a small hole, drag the wire up and down when the roller can also slide up and down freely without any jamming phenomenon. Otherwise, to find out the reason, troubleshooting. Check the flexibility of the small iron hook in addition to the tool box.
(5) Check the rotary torque of the convex shaft rotation by hand, and whether the convex shaft rotation is easy and comfortable.
6) Apply the right amount of oil on the three O-rings of the monoblock pump and put the monoblock pump into the pump room. Do not scratch the O-ring when loading.
7)Turn the camshaft with a sleeve so that the cam of the cylinder monoblock pump camshaft faces downward, install the bolts on the monoblock pump and tighten them. When tightening the bolt, tighten it in three even and balanced steps, the second tightening until the bolt is just close to the monoblock pump, the second tightening until 30N-m, and the third tightening until 60N-m.
8) Install the other 5 monoblock pumps in the same way.
9) Use the wrench with dial to recalibrate the fastening bolts of 6 monobloc pumps with a tightening torque of 60N-m.
(10) Check the rotary torque of the convex shaft rotation with a torque wrench. The tightening torque range is 80-120N-m.
7、Install the monoblock pump chamber onto the gear chamber cover plate
8、Install the fuel injection pump gear
Keyway on the top and pump body direction to (15 ° angle with the vertical direction).
9、Installation of fuel injection pump gears in two cases
(1) sub-normal installation, it can also be said that when the gears are not yet installed, the gear timing mark in the cylinder on the premise of the stop, the gear timing mark using point-to-point assembly.
(2) When the crankshaft has been coiled (rotation), the gear timing mark position has changed, such as the disassembly of the injection pump gear, adjust the angle of reassembly, can no longer be assembled according to the gear timing mark point to point alignment. In this case, use the method of measuring the cylinder camshaft lift to assemble.
a. Put the engine cylinder piston at the compression upper stop.
b. Turn the monoblock pump camshaft clockwise at the cylinder bore of the monoblock pump chamber with a percentage meter in the range of 0 to 10mm, and when the pointer of the meter remains motionless in a certain angle range (i.e. at the base circle), point the meter at "0".
c. Continue to turn the camshaft clockwise and install the gear when the pointer rises to "7.60mm".
d. Install the timing signal plate.
10、Install the monoblock pump gear chamber cover plate
11、Install flywheel
1)Turn the engine to the upper stop of cylinder compression.
(2) Before facing the signal plate, align the ф8mm through hole on the signal plate with the positioning pin hole on the monoblock pump gear, then observe whether the scale line on the surface of the timing signal plate is located on the center line of the sensor mounting hole on the timing gear housing, the deviation between the engraved line and the center line of the sensor mounting hole is ±1.5°.
(3) Check whether the timing signal disc is correctly assembled, that is, when the engine is disc to the upper stop of cylinder piston compression, the oil pump camshaft keyway is at an angle of 15° with the vertical direction, and whether the scale line on the surface of the timing signal disc is located on the center line of the sensor mounting hole on the timing gear housing.
12、Install the oil inlet pipe assembly
13、Install the oil return pipe assembly
14、Install the oil injector
15、Install the high-pressure oil pipe and other pipes in the pump chamber by
1) Loosen the air release bolt on the oil-water separator first, pump oil with hand oil pump, pump until there is no air, then tighten the air release bolt.
(2) Loosen the bolt of diesel fine filter outlet pipe, pump oil with hand oil pump, pump until there is no air, and then tighten the outlet pipe bolt.
3)Loosen the bleeder bolt on the top of the pump chamber, pump oil with a hand pump until there is no air, and then tighten the bleeder bolt.
4)Loosen the high pressure oil pipe, pump oil with hand oil pump, pump until there is no air, then tighten the high pressure oil pipe bolt.
Note: Do not use the starter to tow the engine for evacuation.