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Have you ever done these wrong ways of diesel generator set operation?

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator set as a power generation equipment, after a long time of use will inevitably fail, but if the user does not pay attention to the method of operation, often carry out some wrong mode of operation, it may make the diesel generator set overhaul period in advance, seriously affect the performance of the unit, the following top Bo power for you to list some of the wrong way to operate the diesel generator set, quickly check to see, you have not have done these wrong operation behavior?
1, cold start without warming up the engine to run with load
Diesel engine cold start, due to the oil viscosity, poor fluidity, is the oil pump oil supply is insufficient, the machine friction surface due to lack of oil lubrication, resulting in sharp wear, and even the occurrence of cylinder pulling, burning tile and other failures. Therefore, the diesel engine should be idle after cooling start to warm up, and then run with load when the oil temperature reaches 40 ℃ or more; the machine should start with a low-speed gear, and sequentially in each gear for a period of miles, until the oil temperature is normal oil supply is sufficient, before turning to normal driving.
2、Diesel engine running when the oil is insufficient
At this time will be caused by insufficient oil supply and insufficient oil supply to the surface of the friction vice, resulting in abnormal wear or burn. For this reason, before the machine starts and the diesel engine running process to ensure that the oil is sufficient to prevent the lack of oil and cause cylinder pulling, burning tile failure.
3、Shut down sharply with load or stop immediately after removing the load suddenly
After the diesel engine is off, the cooling system water circulation stops, the cooling capacity decreases sharply, the heated parts lose cooling, easy to cause cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder body and other parts overheating, cracking, or make the piston over-expansion stuck in the cylinder liner. On the other hand, the diesel engine shutdown without idle cooling, will make the friction surface contains insufficient oil, when the diesel engine will start again because of poor lubrication and increased wear. Therefore, the diesel engine should be removed from the load before the flameout, and gradually reduce the speed, no-load operation for a few minutes.
4, the diesel engine cold start after the throttle blast
If the throttle, the diesel engine speed rises sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the machine due to dry friction and severe wear. In addition, boom throttle piston, connecting rod and crankshaft acceptance force changes, causing violent impact, easy to damage the machine parts.
5、Insufficient cooling water or cooling water, oil temperature is too high in the case of operation
Diesel engine cooling water is not enough to reduce its cooling effect, the diesel engine can not be effectively cooled and overheating; cooling water, oil oil temperature is too high, will also cause the diesel engine overheating. At this time, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston components and valves are mainly subject to thermal load, its mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and other sharp decline, so that the parts deformation increased, reducing the clearance between the parts, accelerating the wear and tear of the parts, and in serious cases will produce cracks, the machine stuck failure. Cooling water, oil temperature is too high will accelerate the deterioration of oil aging and burn, and oil viscosity decline, the set of cylinders and pistons and the main friction side of the conditions of lubrication deterioration, resulting in abnormal wear. Diesel engine overheating will also deteriorate the diesel engine combustion process, so that the injectors work out of order, poor atomization, increased carbon accumulation.
6, in the cooling water and oil oil temperature is too low state operation
Diesel engine work process, the cooling water temperature is too low, the cylinder wall temperature decreases, the combustion of water vapor condensation into water droplets, and exhaust gas contact generation of acidic substances, attached to the cylinder wall, corrosion and wear. Practice has proved that the diesel engine often in the cooling water temperature 40 ℃ to 50 ℃ when the use of its parts wear than the normal operating temperature (85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃) under the operation is several times larger. At this time, the water temperature is too low when the cylinder temperature is low, the diesel engine ignition stall period is extended, once the fire, the pressure rises quickly, diesel fuel rough, easy to cause mechanical damage to parts. Diesel engine long-term operation in the state of the lower temperature of the cooling water, the piston and cylinder liner clearance, has occurred knock cylinder phenomenon, and vibration, so that the cylinder liner cavity corrosion. The oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is poor liquidity, insufficient oil lubrication parts, so that the lubrication becomes poor, resulting in increased friction wear, shorten the service life of diesel engines.
7、Running under the condition of low oil pressure
Oil pressure is too low, the lubrication system can not carry out normal oil circulation and pressure lubrication, the lubrication parts do not get enough oil. Therefore, the machine in the process of driving, pay attention to observe the oil pressure table or oil pressure indicator situation. If the oil pressure is found to be lower than the prescribed pressure, to immediately stop, troubleshooting and then continue to drive.
8, the machine over speed, overload driving
If the machine is seriously over-speed, overload driving, diesel engine will be in the work of excessive load, high speed operation, easy to work rough, cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod and other thermal load and mechanical load increased, prone to cylinder pulling, burning tile and other failures. Often overload operation, resulting in a long period of rough combustion in the cylinder, easy to damage the cylinder gasket.
9, before the flameout blast the throttle
If the high-speed diesel engine suddenly stops running, its huge inertia will make the crank rod mechanism and the gas distribution mechanism parts are damaged, shortening the service life. At the same time, the throttle is slammed due to excessive fuel into the cylinder can not be completely burned and flow down the cylinder wall, diluting the lubricant. In addition, it will also make the piston, valve and combustion chamber carbon significantly increased, causing the injection nozzle blockage and piston jam.
10、Suddenly add cooling water when the temperature of diesel engine is too high
If you add cooling water suddenly when the diesel engine is overheated, it will make the cylinder head, cylinder liner and cylinder body crack due to the hot and cold change. Therefore, the diesel engine temperature is too high should first remove the load, slightly increase the speed, to wait for the water temperature drops after the diesel engine off, in the water radiator cover screw loose, to exclude water vapor. If necessary, the water radiator can be slowly injected into the cooling water.