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High failure rate of diesel generator sets? It's possible that you overlooked these issues

June 14, 2022
Diesel generator sets are the most widely used power generation equipment in contemporary society. If diesel generator sets frequently fail, it will seriously affect the normal electricity consumption of enterprises and users, and will also greatly reduce the service life of diesel generator sets. Let me tell you about the common causes of standby diesel generator set failures and what effective measures users should take to reduce the failure rate of the generator set. The high failure rate of diesel generator sets may often be caused by you ignoring the following problems.
Generator idle for too long
Excessive idle time is a common cause of generator failure. Failures are prone to occur when soot and fuel build up in the engine and exhaust system, preventing the generator from running at full capacity.
One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to test the diesel generator set once a month on a regular basis. Pay attention to the following when doing a test run:
1) The duration of each operation of the unit is 8-12 minutes. Observe oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc., and record relevant data. Check the engine for abnormal noise, and remove it in time if there is any fault. After running, set the idle running state of the unit, so that the lubricating oil and cooling water can take away the heat of the combustion chamber, bearing and shaft. The idle running time is generally controlled at about 3-5 minutes.
2) During the trial operation of the unit, the user should pay close attention to the engine instrument panel. After starting, the generator speed should be stable at the rated speed, and the voltage and frequency should meet the power frequency standard. In order to prevent damage to the starter, the time to start the engine continuously should not exceed 30 seconds. If the generator cannot be started within 30 seconds, you need to wait a. Restart after two minutes. The oil temperature gauge should be in the normal reading range. The temperature of the cooling water is normal between 74°C and 91°C. When the oil pressure is at the rated speed, it is generally between 0.4MPa and 0.7MPa. Different models have different pressures.
using the wrong fuel
When you buy a generator, make sure you know what fuel is best for that generator and don't mix any other fuels. Diesel, as the main fuel for diesel generator sets, is as important as our blood, and the use of poor quality diesel will definitely cause problems, including system failures. Another issue to consider is the use of old fuel. If your fuel has not been used in a generator for a long time, it can become contaminated. The pros and cons of diesel quality directly affect the working condition, operating state and service life of the engine of the unit.
Generator not regularly maintained
Just like other machines and appliances, diesel generators require regular maintenance to keep them in good running order. Equally important generator maintenance includes changing oil and filters, maintaining overall system cleanliness and removing debris and watching for buildup or damage, checking coolant levels, verifying there are no loose wires or clips, checking transfer switches and alternators annually machine, etc. Users should pay attention to strengthening the regular maintenance of diesel generator sets, especially preventive maintenance is the most economical maintenance, and is the key to prolonging the service life of diesel generators and reducing the cost of use.
Before the diesel generator fails, there are often certain signs. In addition to daily maintenance and regular maintenance, the user should also carefully observe the operating state of the unit. Once any abnormality is found, the generator manufacturer should be contacted for maintenance. Reduce the failure rate of diesel generator sets.