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How are ventilation and heat dissipation achieved in the air-cooled unit room and water-cooled unit room respectively?

June 28, 2022
According to the different cooling methods, diesel generator sets can be divided into air-cooled diesel generator sets and water-cooled diesel generator sets. Air-cooled diesel generator sets have a simple structure, low failure rate, good starting performance, require less air, and are suitable for plateau or water shortage or cold places; water-cooled diesel generator sets have a complex structure, relatively more difficult to manufacture, and have more requirements for the environment, and are used more for large diesel generator sets.
Ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room of air-cooled diesel generator sets
Diesel generator sets can be arranged by single unit, double unit arrangement and more than one unit arrangement, if the engine room is installed more than two diesel generator sets, the best way is to install diesel engine cooling ducts, the current 6-cylinder diesel generator sets can provide a complete set of air intake and exhaust fittings, if the installation of two 8-cylinder diesel generator sets, the exhaust angle of the V-shaped angle in accordance with the sequence of units, excavate the underground air duct, with the induced draft fan Exhaust hot air, usually the air inlet with a cover plate cover flat, open the cover plate when the machine is turned on, so that it and the engine discharge hot air to form a wind bucket, diesel generator exhaust gas exhaust, can also be like a cooling duct, from the underground discharge, but pay attention to the following issues: 1.
1. For air-cooled diesel generating sets, only fresh air can be supplied to the diesel engine for cooling and combustion, the design should be careful not to inhale hot air and exhaust gas.
2. All air ducts should avoid too many turns, to the shortest ventilation ducts to hot air and exhaust gas discharge, do not let the hot air and exhaust gas in the engine room to form a short circuit, the exhaust gas into the diesel engine, affecting the operation of the unit.
3. The exhaust pipe should be based on the exhaust gas discharge of the diesel engine, and the cross section of the rear duct can only be increased, not reduced.
4. The exhaust pipe should be wrapped with asbestos layer, and then wrapped with glass fiber cloth. Asbestos layer should be selected from asbestos braided rope, do not use asbestos twisted rope. After wrapping with glass fiber cloth, finally use galvanized iron wire to spiral tie.
5. Because of the air-cooled diesel engine, its cooling hot air and exhaust, will form the airflow of the engine room of the induced effect, therefore, should make full use of this feature to improve the ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room.
Ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room of water-cooled diesel generator sets
The hot air in the engine room of the water-cooled unit is mainly dissipated through the fan heat sink. The arrangement and facilities of the engine room should lead the hot air to the outside of the engine room, and the general use of doorways or wall holes, plus the removable induced air cover will lead the hot air out of the engine room, and if the wall hole is used to fix the induced air cover, heat insulation and vibration reduction must be considered. The shortest distance to lead out of the engine room, the import and export to use measures to prevent lightning storms and small animals into the duct.
If the water tank radiator wind cover wears out the wall hole, its area should be increased by 25% for the water tank cooling core windward area, that is, each side should be at least 12% longer.
If the exhaust vortex pipe of the unit can be adjusted in any direction, the noise reduction effect of using the lower exhaust method is better than the upper exhaust method, and the radiation of the exhaust pipe to the engine room will be significantly reduced, if the combustion exhaust gas is introduced into the lower pipe nearby to discharge the best effect, when using the lower exhaust, its gutter should deal with the exhaust.